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Answer Key

It is recommended that this activity be completed after having read and understood everything up to the lesson on verb tenses on Wikibooks. If the meaning of a word is not explained here, it probably was in one of the lessons. How to answer the questions was explained in Lesson two.

Glossary[edit | edit source]

  • administratè: administrator
  • ak: and, with
  • ansiklopedi: encyclopedia
  • astwonomi: astronomy
  • ateyis: atheist
  • avanse: advance
  • Bondye: God (proper noun)
  • deja: already
  • depi: since
  • direkteman: directly
  • dye: god (common noun)
  • ekzistans, egzistans: existence
  • egziste: exist
  • endirekteman: indirectly
  • etidye: study
  • fenomèn: phenomenon
  • fizik: physics
  • kapab: can, capable
  • komanse: start, commence
  • kontinye: continue
  • lane: year
  • lang: language
  • lib: free
  • linivè: universe
  • manda: mandate
  • mande: ask (for)
  • nouvo: new
  • nye: deny
  • obsève: observe
  • panse: think
  • pou: for, so that
  • syans: science
  • syèl: sky
  • toutbon: alright
  • travay: work
  • Wikipedya: Wikipedia

Exercise[edit | edit source]

Insert the right word for "that" in the blanks. All these phrases are taken from the Haitian Creole Wikipedia.

  1. Ateyis se yon moun __ nye ekzistans Bondye ak lòt dye yo.
  2. Ou nan Wikipedya kreyòl ayisyen, ansiklopedi lib __ egziste nan anpil lang.
  3. Mwen mande yon nouvo manda administratè pou mwen kapab kontinye travay __ nou komanse depi 2 lane deja.
  4. M panse __ bagay yo ap avanse toutbon.
  5. Fizik se yon syans __ etidye fenomèn __ nou ka obsève direkteman ou endirekteman nan linivè a.
  6. Astwonomi se syans __ ap etidye sa __ nan syèl la.