Gospel of John (CBS)/Week 10/Essay

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Answer the following question in a well developed essay.

Reflect upon the knowledge you have acquired in the last eight to nine weeks and consider how it applies to your life and serving Christ. Working from the mandate to serve found in the Epilogue, how will you develop yourself with the Holy Spirit to become more able to fulfill God's call for your life?

Your essay should be written clearly and free of major grammatical and style errors. I recommend Strunk and White's The Elements of Style if you need a resource about formulating your writing. The basic essay format requires an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Beyond the existence of these three simple sections, there is no prescribed length, number of paragraphs, or word count; as you should focus on quality over quantity. Likewise, you should focus on answering the question over adhering to form.

You will be submitting your response to your Mentor for usage in your upcoming conference. Please attempt to answer the question fully and to the best of your ability. You should word process your essay in a legible consistent font and strive for consistency in formatting throughout the document. Perfection is not necessary, but the response should be as good as possible. Your response to this question will be part of determining your further preparation for the leadership program.

You will be unable to have a conference with your Mentor until this is submitted to them. They will contact you and schedule the conference after reading your response. At the conference, they will discuss it with you and use it as part of the plan to prepare you to enter the leadership program.