Gospel of John (CBS)/Week 10

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Welcome to the last week of this course. After you take the Final Exam, you will be finished with this course and ready to move on in life. I don't know where you will be going, but wish you all the best of luck and pray that God blesses your journey. I hope this course has been effective for you, and you will be able to carry the knowledge you have acquired over the past nine weeks with you into life.

Some of you may be interested in continuing your studies, and I strongly recommend that you take Mere Christianity when the School's next academic term starts. You also should be having a conference with your chosen Mentor soon, to discuss your progress and future preparation for the leadership program.

Assignments[edit | edit source]

  1. Check test scores from Unit 4 (highly recommended!!)
  2. Study for final exam
  3. Complete final exam
  4. Take survey on Moodle
  5. Complete Essay (leadership people only, you will need this for your mentor conference)
  6. Participate in a conference with your Mentor (leadership people only)

Handouts[edit | edit source]

Final Course Examination[edit | edit source]

This course ends with a cumulative final examination to assess student understanding and comprehension of presented material. Questions will be similar to those assigned on the unit study guides, but the exam scope is not limited to any single unit. The exam itself will be 50 free response questions, that will be graded based upon comprehension and completeness. After completing the examination, please read the survey instructions and complete the anonymous survey. Final grades should be available by the middle of next week. It will be offered through the Wikiversity Moodle site from the beginning of this week to the end of this week. Once the course is approved, a link to the Moodle site will be placed here.