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computer software,16,405,3.95%,6.89
types of software,12,152,7.89%,7.81
electron beam heating,5,45,11.11%,3.91
migrate to new technology,5,18,27.78%,7.17
ohio scale,4,58,6.9%,6.31
ohio scales scoring,4,14,28.57%,3.64
classification of literature,3,16,18.75%,1.38
type of software,2,114,1.75%,7.4
emergency medicine organization,2,46,4.35%,14.41
workplace diversity definition,2,42,4.76%,10.5
toefl itp wiki,2,35,5.71%,5.77
types of computer software,2,30,6.67%,4.83
name three software that are loaded on your computer,2,24,8.33%,1.79
name of software devices,2,4,50%,1
10 example of software,2,3,66.67%,1
what is written literature,2,2,100%,25.5
mcat topics,1,183,0.55%,30.27
alien sightings,1,79,1.27%,86.51
tài liệu giáo dục,1,68,1.47%,5.66
software types,1,40,2.5%,8.68
beam heating,1,30,3.33%,8.9
ohio scales assessment,1,19,5.26%,9
computer software examples,1,17,5.88%,9.82
principles of electricity,1,14,7.14%,15.21
10 examples of software,1,9,11.11%,1.78
examples of computer software,1,8,12.5%,6.62
daphne lantier,1,8,12.5%,7.75
what are the type of software,1,8,12.5%,7.88
software type,1,7,14.29%,7.14
software names of computer,1,7,14.29%,8.86
basic types of software,1,7,14.29%,9.57
it's a well known computer software,1,6,16.67%,9
what kind of software,1,5,20%,3.6
dudley miles,1,5,20%,5
various types of software,1,5,20%,11.6
positive whole numbers,1,5,20%,15
types of software systems,1,4,25%,11.75
what is literature,1,4,25%,41
give two other names for ab,1,2,50%,1
type of computer windows,1,2,50%,1
types of windows in computer,1,2,50%,1
aq 27,1,2,50%,4.5
how is oral literature subdivided,1,2,50%,10.5
drools installation,1,2,50%,27.5
two main types of literature,1,1,100%,1
performance objectives,1,1,100%,2
electricity principles,1,1,100%,43
vegetarian diet advantages,1,1,100%,84
youtube description template,0,224,0%,47.29
ohio scales,0,159,0%,8.09
myvidster wiki,0,98,0%,9.13
error n8007,0,90,0%,76.93
vip af gipsplader,0,87,0%,216.54
zecharia sitchin,0,66,0%,81.03
hayastan wikipedia,0,64,0%,8.78
hallucination parkinson,0,63,0%,53.24
youtube template,0,61,0%,75.2
hiv risk from receiving oral,0,60,0%,88.22
xxvi amendment,0,57,0%,11.21
how many types of software,0,53,0%,7.89
gdansk transport,0,53,0%,59.94
youtube archive,0,49,0%,34.8
hiv risk receiving oral,0,49,0%,95.12
ged test wiki,0,44,0%,10.43
wang ziwen,0,44,0%,34.02,0,42,0%,23.9
mitchella repens,0,40,0%,62.08
sumail wikipedia,0,39,0%,8.54
talk to a doctor online,0,39,0%,268.56
dementia wiki,0,38,0%,17.82
e notation,0,35,0%,28.8
types of computer programs,0,34,0%,9.76
democracy wiki,0,33,0%,24.45,0,33,0%,36.03
erro n8007,0,33,0%,81.3
company financial plan,0,33,0%,439.58
name any one type of modern pc,0,32,0%,4.16
points that lie on the same line,0,32,0%,9.41
creating effective résumé bucknell,0,31,0%,47.68
creating effective résumé,0,29,0%,81.76
canbus wiki,0,28,0%,73.46
functions of literature wikipedia,0,27,0%,5.85
diversity meaning workplace,0,27,0%,8.96
erigeron annuus,0,27,0%,56.63
types of softwares,0,26,0%,9
examples of softwares,0,26,0%,9.73
why does a computer need software,0,26,0%,11.5
create your own wiki,0,26,0%,30.35
cbd wiki,0,26,0%,69.85
software examples,0,25,0%,8.88
northern arizona university online,0,25,0%,43.24
name of computer software,0,24,0%,6.42
watch linkedin word 2010 essential training,0,23,0%,27.26
toefl test content,0,23,0%,89.96
moroccan oil wiki,0,22,0%,16.09
benefit from walking shoes,0,22,0%,56.91
swami and friends,0,22,0%,67.32
rong eighteen lectures on dunhuang download,0,22,0%,79.91
points on the same line,0,21,0%,8.57
cc by-sa 4.0,0,21,0%,19.48
skullerud voksenopplæring,0,21,0%,74.57
portuguese phonology,0,20,0%,47.25
toefl itp,0,20,0%,77.6
physics mcat,0,20,0%,83.25
moroccan argan oil for skin,0,20,0%,92.4,0,19,0%,8.32
oslo voksenopplæring servicesenter,0,19,0%,75.26
bambino naughtyamerica,0,18,0%,3.28
"a convenient way to analyze a planet's atmosphere is to observe how its 
structure, pressure, and temperature vary with altitude. compare the 
atmospheric cross-sectional diagrams for venus and earth and complete the 
statements as to whether the various atmospheric properties of venus are 
""greater than earth's"" or ""less than earth's.""",0,18,0%,8.44
world healing day,0,18,0%,9.44
monera kingdom,0,18,0%,40.94
youtube video template,0,18,0%,96.22
3d modelling examples,0,17,0%,7.59
types of computer windows,0,17,0%,8.18
rna world vs metabolism first,0,17,0%,9.06
sumail wiki,0,17,0%,9.47
cc by sa 4.0,0,17,0%,17.06
event management assignment,0,17,0%,56.29
ethernet header,0,17,0%,63
campbell harvey39s hypertextual,0,17,0%,164.76
httpswww englishforums com,0,17,0%,167.59
name the types of software,0,16,0%,8.62
software computer,0,16,0%,11.31
ib group 3,0,16,0%,16.12
ohio scales youth,0,15,0%,7.8
what is computer software,0,15,0%,10.87
about the ged,0,15,0%,29.73
mcat physics topics,0,15,0%,37.4
template description youtube,0,15,0%,42.6
alex jade,0,15,0%,59.33
dangers of cosmetic surgery,0,15,0%,80.93
ppc sport,0,15,0%,337.67
supralegal wikipedia,0,14,0%,5.36,0,14,0%,6.43
symptomatic relief definition,0,14,0%,10.21
sher ka shikar wikipedia,0,14,0%,10.36
monera cell structure,0,14,0%,15.43
tomahawk meaning,0,14,0%,31.86
ohg sb,0,14,0%,58.71
missax wiki,0,13,0%,6.92
tao project,0,13,0%,15.46,0,13,0%,46.54
team fortress 2 brotherhood of arms,0,13,0%,48.92
ecu wiki,0,13,0%,69.85
atomic energy levels,0,13,0%,75.54
workforce diversity meaning,0,12,0%,8.33
amitosis occurs in,0,12,0%,8.58
definition of workforce diversity,0,12,0%,9.33
free particle wave equation,0,12,0%,9.42
maritime health and safety,0,12,0%,51.17
description youtube template,0,12,0%,51.67
low in the grave he lay,0,12,0%,54.75
team fortress 3 release date,0,12,0%,58.33
ufo alien sightings,0,12,0%,62.75
kingdom monera,0,12,0%,75.92
royal proclamation,0,12,0%,87.5
what are the types of software and their examples?,0,11,0%,9.55
create own wiki,0,11,0%,32.09
southeast capitals,0,11,0%,37.73
tutorials meaning,0,11,0%,41.18
dangers of plastic surgery,0,11,0%,78.18
cat scan wiki,0,11,0%,92.18
computer softwares,0,10,0%,6.5
points on the same line are,0,10,0%,7.9
monera habitat,0,10,0%,11.4
how are monerans classified,0,10,0%,11.6
lyle trachtenberg wikipedia,0,10,0%,17.4
argan oil wiki,0,10,0%,22.9
catalepsy symptoms,0,10,0%,24.3
two softwares,0,10,0%,36.9
fountain meaning,0,10,0%,49.7
event management agreement,0,10,0%,53.6
demons wiki,0,10,0%,68.2
team fortress 2 release date,0,10,0%,83.1
hiv oral receiving risk,0,10,0%,94.4
four types of software,0,9,0%,1
ava addams and bambino,0,9,0%,4.22
what type of software is used to control a computer?,0,9,0%,4.89
"what is the emf produced in a 1.5 meter wire moving at a speed of 6.2 
meters/second perpendicular to a magnetic field of strength 3.96 × 10-3 
newtons/amp·meter ?",0,9,0%,6.11
literature is what kind of art?,0,9,0%,8.11
how many types of computer windows are there,0,9,0%,8.67
two examples of software,0,9,0%,10.44
linux 0.01,0,9,0%,16.44
training day wiki,0,9,0%,23.67
bob burkhardt,0,9,0%,25.78
4d space,0,9,0%,49.11
host your own wiki,0,9,0%,55.56
t.38 fax over ip,0,9,0%,87.33
fax over ip t.38,0,9,0%,90.22
ava addams bambino,0,8,0%,6.5
name any two software,0,8,0%,7
how many type of software,0,8,0%,7.12
5 system software,0,8,0%,7.75
points all on the same line,0,8,0%,7.75
ava addams wiki,0,8,0%,8.12
clonidina wiki,0,8,0%,8.5
tao template,0,8,0%,8.75
"the ____________is an instrument that allows the direct measurement of 
atomic and molecular masses.",0,8,0%,8.88
computer software name,0,8,0%,9.12
sher ka shikar wiki,0,8,0%,9.12
python bytes object,0,8,0%,9.5
identify the software that is not an example of a utility software,0,8,0%,9.75
system software examples,0,8,0%,13.12
ribosome 70s,0,8,0%,18.88
paltalk wiki,0,8,0%,26.38
how to create your own wiki,0,8,0%,28.62
ankax hayastan,0,8,0%,32.25
carolyn page,0,8,0%,33.88
cultural studies introduction,0,8,0%,41.25
iberis umbellata,0,8,0%,46.75
nam et ipsa scientia potestas est,0,8,0%,64.75
effective résumé bucknell,0,8,0%,65.25
love that girl,0,8,0%,68.62
electromotive force is measured in,0,8,0%,70.75
hallucination symptoms,0,8,0%,85.5
coherence meaning,0,8,0%,94.25
higher education for sustainable,0,8,0%,163.5
two types of literature,0,7,0%,4
computer soft ware,0,7,0%,6
significance of amitosis,0,7,0%,6.43
wikiversity parapsychology,0,7,0%,6.43
example of computer software,0,7,0%,7.29
define workplace diversity,0,7,0%,9.29
team07 wikipedia,0,7,0%,9.71
what is amitosis,0,7,0%,10
5 examples of computer systems,0,7,0%,11.71
bill of entry wiki,0,7,0%,11.86
ernest gerber,0,7,0%,12.86
computer software list,0,7,0%,14.86
anthemis cotula,0,7,0%,18.57
sound engineering wiki,0,7,0%,22.14
are the examples computer,0,7,0%,29.14
dermatitis herpetiforms,0,7,0%,30.43
rotary club wiki,0,7,0%,34.71
vulval itch,0,7,0%,42.29
fkj wiki,0,7,0%,54.86
template youtube,0,7,0%,56.29
grimm's law,0,7,0%,66.29
courses under stem,0,7,0%,71.43
abusus non tollit usum,0,7,0%,85.29
coming from your computer,0,7,0%,195.86
talk to doctor online,0,7,0%,278.29
which of the following is not a type of software,0,6,0%,5
different computer software,0,6,0%,5.83
"the moon completes one (circular) orbit of the earth in 23.7 days. the 
distance from the earth to the moon is 3.84×108m.",0,6,0%,6
what are the two types of computer software,0,6,0%,6.33
fantasy world,0,6,0%,6.5
kinds of software,0,6,0%,6.67
pervcity wiki,0,6,0%,7.83
what computer software,0,6,0%,8
morel mushroom wiki,0,6,0%,8.5
ohio scales parent,0,6,0%,8.83
categories of computer software,0,6,0%,9.33
computer software names,0,6,0%,9.33
vietnamese resources,0,6,0%,9.33
types of computer program,0,6,0%,10
types of computer programs and systems,0,6,0%,10
habitat of monera,0,6,0%,10.17
semiconductive material,0,6,0%,10.33
types of computer window,0,6,0%,10.33
how many types of window in computer,0,6,0%,10.5
"which of the following kinds of software is not usually included by an 
installed operating system",0,6,0%,10.5
workforce diversity definition,0,6,0%,10.67
all types of software,0,6,0%,11.33
two type of software,0,6,0%,11.5
amitosis in bacteria,0,6,0%,11.67
points that lie on the same plane are,0,6,0%,11.67
what are the software,0,6,0%,11.67
toefl for academic institutions,0,6,0%,14.33
cephalanthus occidentalis wikipedia,0,6,0%,15.5
cube problem solving,0,6,0%,16.67
cc-by-sa 4.0,0,6,0%,18
biblical studies wiki,0,6,0%,18.83
everlasting hate,0,6,0%,20.33
team fortress 2 metacritic,0,6,0%,22.33
aframe examples,0,6,0%,23.33
the row wiki,0,6,0%,33.33
national center for public policy,0,6,0%,38.17
your own wiki,0,6,0%,39.67
project management vision,0,6,0%,40.67
creditreports dnb com,0,6,0%,45.33
stuff to print,0,6,0%,48.83
preposition combinations,0,6,0%,49.83
nonlinear system of differential equations,0,6,0%,53.67
lattice ideas,0,6,0%,71.5
hiv aids fact sheet,0,6,0%,85.5
david hockney wiki,0,6,0%,91.33
terror management theory,0,6,0%,131.17
2 forms of literature,0,5,0%,1
ava addams & bambino in dirty wives club,0,5,0%,2
what type of software is used to control a computer,0,5,0%,4
3 types of computer software,0,5,0%,4.4
syntactics meaning,0,5,0%,5.6
naming points lines and planes,0,5,0%,5.8
cc by 2.5,0,5,0%,6
comuter software,0,5,0%,6,0,5,0%,6.6
luxmeter wiki,0,5,0%,7
sunrin wiki,0,5,0%,7.4
the replacements animation,0,5,0%,7.8
computer software system,0,5,0%,8
different software systems,0,5,0%,8.4
names of computer software,0,5,0%,8.4
workplace diversity meaning,0,5,0%,8.4
sher ka shikar movie wiki,0,5,0%,9
delta radiation,0,5,0%,9.6
ohio scales parent form,0,5,0%,9.6
example of software in computer,0,5,0%,10
different kind of software,0,5,0%,10.4
tort law is primarily state law,0,5,0%,11
some examples of software,0,5,0%,11.2
zefr wiki,0,5,0%,11.2
types of written literature,0,5,0%,11.4
meaning of workforce diversity,0,5,0%,11.8
shamima nasrin,0,5,0%,11.8
what is software devices,0,5,0%,12
workforce diversity meaning in urdu,0,5,0%,12
computer software information,0,5,0%,13.8
amendment xxvi,0,5,0%,19.4
activities one laptop per,0,5,0%,22
static electricity human body,0,5,0%,23
bcp wiki,0,5,0%,23.6
wang zi wen,0,5,0%,24.2
limousine etymology,0,5,0%,26
" inurl:""story.php?title=""",0,5,0%,31.4,0,5,0%,32.2
team fortress 2 capture the flag,0,5,0%,35
"inurl:""title=user:"" wiki",0,5,0%,44
vernonia noveboracensis,0,5,0%,52.6,0,5,0%,53.8
protein science definition,0,5,0%,74.2
cbi engineering,0,5,0%,76.6
is superglue conductive,0,5,0%,77.4
fork linux,0,5,0%,82.2
the absolutely true diary of a part time indian characterization,0,5,0%,83.8
voting age amendment,0,5,0%,85.4
linux fork,0,5,0%,87
risk of getting hiv from receiving oral,0,5,0%,87.4
types of operating systems,0,5,0%,90.2
itp questions,0,5,0%,92.4
whenever wildlife,0,5,0%,92.4
team fortress 2 review,0,5,0%,95.8
biang biang noodles,0,5,0%,96.4
fax over ip,0,5,0%,143.6
material list software,0,5,0%,170
software devices name,0,4,0%,1
ohio youth problem functioning and satisfaction scales,0,4,0%,3.25
"which of the following types of computer software utilities translates a 
file from one format to another so that it can be used by an application 
other than the one used to create it?",0,4,0%,3.75
5 types of software,0,4,0%,4
it is well known computer software,0,4,0%,5
define classification in literature,0,4,0%,5.25
jessa rhodes wiki,0,4,0%,5.5
10 computer software,0,4,0%,6
types of window in computer,0,4,0%,6.25
migrate new technology,0,4,0%,6.75
what types of software,0,4,0%,7.25
computer software images with name,0,4,0%,7.75
toefl wiki,0,4,0%,8
angelonia angustifolia wikipedia,0,4,0%,8.5
there are types of software,0,4,0%,8.75
3 types of software,0,4,0%,9.25
brachial plexus orthotics,0,4,0%,9.25
chapter 2 the american revolution,0,4,0%,9.25
ohio scales pdf,0,4,0%,9.5
softwares types,0,4,0%,9.5
a type of literature is called,0,4,0%,9.75
five example of software,0,4,0%,9.75
non-hexadecimal number found in fromhex(),0,4,0%,9.75
ceratostigma plumbaginoides wiki,0,4,0%,10
definition of workplace diversity,0,4,0%,10
literature is what kind of art,0,4,0%,10
magere hein wiki,0,4,0%,10
ohio scales youth form,0,4,0%,10
equitable defences,0,4,0%,10.5
"which of the following kinds of software is not usually included by an 
installed operating system?",0,4,0%,10.5
computer software details,0,4,0%,10.75
zecharia sitchin wiki,0,4,0%,11.25
melilla language,0,4,0%,11.75
software in computer,0,4,0%,11.75
in how many categories is software divided,0,4,0%,12
pd magazine,0,4,0%,12.5
chanel santini wiki,0,4,0%,12.75
petite marmite wikipedia,0,4,0%,13.5
sitchin wiki,0,4,0%,17.75
crc card generator,0,4,0%,23.75
geometry lines and planes,0,4,0%,25
web literacy for student fact checkers,0,4,0%,25.5
hs2 wiki,0,4,0%,25.75,0,4,0%,26.25
national center for public policy research,0,4,0%,30.75
poekilocerus pictus,0,4,0%,31
garderobe wiki,0,4,0%,32.5
queer theory an introduction,0,4,0%,35.25
garderobe meaning,0,4,0%,36.25
two main categories of software,0,4,0%,37
dhurakij pundit,0,4,0%,42.5
quantum paradoxes,0,4,0%,43
fpga pdf,0,4,0%,45.75
southeast capitals and states,0,4,0%,47.75
drools guvnor installation,0,4,0%,54.5
"sunlight is a form of energy called _____. electromagnetic energy nuclear 
energy hydro energy magnetic energy",0,4,0%,55
examples of informal learning activities,0,4,0%,55.25
coupe meaning,0,4,0%,66
professional therapy,0,4,0%,67.25
howards lifters,0,4,0%,68.25
queer theory introduction,0,4,0%,69.25
aq questionnaire,0,4,0%,74.25
frank stella wiki,0,4,0%,75.5
philipp nicolai,0,4,0%,77.75
karl von clausewitz,0,4,0%,78
hinduism books,0,4,0%,83
bhagavad gita hinduism,0,4,0%,85.75
amendment voting age,0,4,0%,86.25
academic proficiency,0,4,0%,91
experimental design biology,0,4,0%,97
fax over ip protocol,0,4,0%,98.5
electromotive force,0,4,0%,114
carl von clausewitz war book,0,4,0%,176.75
green sand casting,0,4,0%,188
4 types of software,0,3,0%,1
example of software devices,0,3,0%,1
ava addams bambino porn,0,3,0%,1.33
power generation formula,0,3,0%,2
alien ufo,0,3,0%,2.67
basket weaving,0,3,0%,2.67
what type of software is windows 7,0,3,0%,4
ava addams & bambino,0,3,0%,4.67
states and capitals,0,3,0%,5.33
pictures of software devices,0,3,0%,7
points that lie on the same line are,0,3,0%,7
name the type of software,0,3,0%,7.67
rubik's cube problem,0,3,0%,7.67
charlotte page wikipedia,0,3,0%,8.33
dante cardoso,0,3,0%,8.33
sister ray wiki,0,3,0%,8.33
type of softwares,0,3,0%,8.33
annabelle lane wiki,0,3,0%,8.67
parkinson coma,0,3,0%,9
significant figures wiki,0,3,0%,9
types of the software,0,3,0%,9
verbs p,0,3,0%,9
what are computer software,0,3,0%,9.33
2 examples of software,0,3,0%,9.67
geometric figure represented by a dot,0,3,0%,9.67
list of software devices,0,3,0%,9.67
significant figures wikipedia,0,3,0%,9.67
"according to copernicus' model of the solar system a planet undergoes 
retrograde motion when ___________.",0,3,0%,10
basic computer programs used by a variety of companies include:,0,3,0%,10
google do a barrel spin,0,3,0%,10
name two types of software,0,3,0%,10
softwares examples,0,3,0%,10
types of computer application software,0,3,0%,10
ne discere cessa,0,3,0%,10.33
what are three examples of software?,0,3,0%,10.33
basic computer programs used by a variety of companies include,0,3,0%,10.67
software of computer,0,3,0%,10.67
computer program types,0,3,0%,11
system software name,0,3,0%,11.33
points that lie on the same line.,0,3,0%,11.67
semi conductive material,0,3,0%,12.33
types of pc,0,3,0%,12.33
kinds of literature and its meaning,0,3,0%,14
vehicle generators,0,3,0%,14.33
"""epoxy glue""",0,3,0%,15.67
bambino porn,0,3,0%,17,0,3,0%,17.67
examples of operating system software,0,3,0%,21.33
"typeerror: a bytes-like object is required, not 'tuple'",0,3,0%,24.33
web literacy for student fact-checkers,0,3,0%,24.67
love that girl tv one,0,3,0%,25.33
c++ exercise,0,3,0%,25.67
paulownia wiki,0,3,0%,25.67
vhdl pdf,0,3,0%,27
taboo lv,0,3,0%,27.33
what is the software,0,3,0%,27.33
sound powered phones,0,3,0%,28
free particle,0,3,0%,28.33
the national center for public policy research,0,3,0%,28.33
toefl test wiki,0,3,0%,29
team 10 wiki,0,3,0%,29.33
activant erp,0,3,0%,29.67
toefl itp score scale,0,3,0%,30
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