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We use Google when we search the Internet. Google was originally called BackRub and was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two Stanford University graduates. Google's basic technology is called PageRank.



Many people think that if they create a website with a catchy name, millions of people are going to flood to their site from search engines like Google. Unfortunately, this is just a dream. People quickly realize their site does not even show up when they search Google.

At the heart of Google software is a system called PageRank. This gives every site on the Internet a rank from 0–10. So, how is this calculated? Well, the PageRank of your site is determined by the links to your web site. Each time somebody adds a link to your web site, Google interprets this as a vote for your site. The more links you have on your site, the more votes you get. But Google also looks a little deeper than just volumes of links. It analyzes the importance of the web site that has cast a vote for your site. Sites that Google assigns a high PageRank are considered important. When a highly ranked website links to your site it also increases the PageRank of your website.

To make your website visible on search engines, highly ranked websites must link to you.