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This is a report on some of the results found in the Dec. 31, 2015 data download with commentary. See the summary at Google/Search and Wikiversity for context. The raw data is available in the subpages below.

Results from Google Webmaster Tools[edit]

Which pages at Wikiversity are most linked to?[edit]

Overall there are very few external links to our content. As in 2009 there are numerous links from a site called, but the overall number has decreased quite a bit.

The complete data can be found at Google/Search and Wikiversity/2015/External links

Links to
(Downloaded Dec. 31, 2015)
Page Links Domains
Mad_Max's_-_Assignments_in_Film_Scoring 641 3
Mad_Max's_Course_in_Film_Scoring/Creating_the_sound_of_drama 262 9
Panspermia/a_critique_of_NASA_researchers_make_first_discovery_of_life's_building_block_in_comet 171 2
Introduction_to_Non-Genetic_Darwinism/Darwin's_Theory_of_Natural_Selection 150 4
Mad_Max's_Information_Theory_of_Motion_Pictures 148 3
Parkinson's_Symptoms 125 2
Conway's_Game_of_Life 105 16
Taylor's_series 57 8
Spouse_selection_according_to_Baha'i_writings/Maturity 49 2
Mad_Max's_-_Creating_more_sounds_from_Midi_files_using_GarageBand_and_symphony_orchestra_sounds 46 6

Which search queries return Wikiversity pages?[edit]

In the past month Wikiversity has made between 75 to 175 "impressions" per day, with 0 to 10 clicks through to our site.

The complete data can be found at Google/Search and Wikiversity/2015/Queries

Which search results are people clicking on?[edit]

(Downloaded Dec. 31, 2015)
Queries Clicks Impressions CTR Position
dopamine recycling 1 3 33.33% 5.3
levene's test assumptions 1 5 20.00% 10
tallis canon 2 191 1.05% 9.6