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Solar Engineering Harvesting

About the Team
Gavin Watson
Jaeguen Kim
Jake Antonelli

Week1 Narrative[edit | edit source]

Researching. We found out how solar panels work, as well as found different systems we can use to produce energy.

Gavin has worked on how to conjugate the charge controller and junction box to our final product and how those devices are working with each other. He has also done extensive research on the product we are going to purchase. He has also worked on the wiki Page.
Jake has been working on building a tripod and figuring out how to connect the solar panel frame and equipment to it. Jake will be providing a work space for The Money Team on the weekends. He has also worked on the wiki Page.
Jaegeun has worked on the solar panel frame which will support every solar cell and figured out how we are going to build a solar panel from scratch. He has figured out which materials are going to be used in the frame such as peg board and plywood.

Week2 Narrative[edit | edit source]

Planning. We have planned out a design and are figuring out how we are going to put everything we learned to use.

Jake is continuing working on how to attach the solar panel to the tripod best. Most all of the large supplies such as plywood, pressure treated wood, and plexi-glass have been acquired at Home Depot; Total: $60.72. The presentation for Engineering Seminar this thursday will be our first presentation. Presentation materials are being gathered.
Jaegeun is lining the dimensions on the wooden frame of the solar panel and trying to figure out how are we are going to cut the frame according to the lines. And he was also measuring the plexi glass to also attach to the frame.
'Gavin' is currently learning how to use AutoCAD to create a holding dock for the items being charged from the solar panel. This dock will attach to the back of the frame. The group will also focus some time on the presentation.

Week3 Narrative[edit | edit source]

Building. We have made progress on both of our goals; finishing the solar panel frame and creating an "Altoid" charger.

Jake Jaegeun and I constructed the basic solar panel frame over the week, along with editing and creating the preliminary design preview presentation on Thursday, October 30. The panel still needs the pegboard and plexiglass, then finishing touches such as sanding and painting.
Gavin I have continued to work on the powerpoint to get it to J's specifications. We are also finishing up a concept where we change the angle of the solar panel using two hinges a base board with holes and an arm with an angled cut.
Jaegeun I was working on the plexyglass and pegboard to put on the solar frame. Also had done a little bit of power point editing.

Week4 Narrative[edit | edit source]

Attention has somewhat focused on completing our Altoid charger, which is a much more simplified and easy to understand and do solar panel. We started off with the original micro solar panel in an Altoid box; however, in order to make the project more unique, we had a custom containment unit made in auto cad, which is made specifically for the dimensions of the different components and connections of the micro solar panel.