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Examples[edit | edit source]

Add your own section to let others in on your plans.

My academic budget[edit | edit source]

This gives you some idea of what it costs to be a free lance scholar

One month US$1000/month

which gives you $300/month travel to Boston/NYC. $300/month for one week hotels. and then $400/month for books and other expenses.

It is possible given the current internet culture to be a free lance scholar on much less, provided you have web access and/or live near a library or possibly a book store with a free read policy. Or to paraphrase the movie Good Will Hunting Your entire education can boil down to overdue library charges and internet fees, if you are exceptionally motivated and able to digest the information. Of course you will not recieve the recognition for your work unless you are able to access the culture of peer review, and understand the basic conventions of said culture. Access to the culture is becoming easier thanks again to the internet.

Roadrunner 06:52, 7 August 2006 (UTC)

Quintessential skill set[edit | edit source]

I have little or no access to funds. I have worked for so long without money, it has become second-nature for me to deal with performance and operational matters without currency. The products and services I offer need only attention for prospective collaborators. The trick is to reduce expenses and gather resources directly from nature's surpluses. I could use a welding machine. I made a loom by hand and used it to weave a guitar strap. I'm working on a plan to build a bio-dome over a 40 ft deep well and a solar-powered pump made from a unique donut design from the public domain. I can train animals. I play a mean guitar and a big piano. I need some help with bandwidth, but other than that, the life I want is coming together. Wikiversity is a big help.

CQ 20:28, 7 September 2009 (UTC)