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Below is a listing of a variety of resources and links. If you see one that doesn't work, please remove it... if there is one you would like added, please do so.

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Ebooks[edit | edit source]

Academic[edit | edit source]

CPR Related[edit | edit source]

Disaster Emergency Operations Management[edit | edit source]

First Aid: An inter-cultural approach

Emergency Medical Services[edit | edit source]

Fire Fighter Materials[edit | edit source]

Fire Officer[edit | edit source]

First Aid[edit | edit source]

First Aid in Wilderness

First Aid in the City

First Responder[edit | edit source]

Technical Rescue[edit | edit source]

Training and Instruction[edit | edit source]

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How To's[edit | edit source]

This section deals primarily with how to set up components of the Open Learning Project. Check here for specifics of formats, and ways to create components of the curriculum packages.

Online libraries[edit | edit source]

National Fire Academy's Learning Resource Center Online Catalog

Training resources[edit | edit source]

Brady Publishers

International Fire Service Accreditation Congress

International Fire Service Training Association

International Society of Fire Service Instructors

Jones and Barlett Publishing

National Incident Management System Information

National Professional Qualification System

Open Office Software Suite

Thomson-Delmar Publishing