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Excellent Decision![edit | edit source]

You have decided to start the movie with this frame:

Fade In SBTDSChooseTSB1f.jpg

The Script[edit | edit source]

EXTERIOR - The local movie theater - NIGHT

(1) The Young Person and Old Person stand looking at the movie poster outside the theater.

Now Show The Poster
Since the first shot is the Young Person and the Old Person, now you must show the poster. (The script mentions the movie so we need to show what movie they are talking about.)

Next Frame?[edit | edit source]


Option A
You can then cut to the poster.


Option B
You can cut to the poster over the shoulder of the Young Person and the Old Person.

Now Decide![edit | edit source]


  • Select either option A or B

If you change your mind, you can go back to the previous page

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