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The Unformatted Movie Script - Seduced by the Dark Side

"Seduced by the Dark Side"[edit | edit source]

A Blank Thumbnail Storyboard
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The Unformatted Movie Script[edit | edit source]

EXTERIOR - A blank walled room could be anywhere in the library

  1. Greg: Walks in and sees what he needs to pick up
  2. Greg: "I can lift it"
  3. Greg (contined): Tries to lean over and pick up item and hurts back
  4. Man in Glasses: Shakes his fingure at screen and says "Lift like forklift!" Shows how
  5. Man in Glasses: "Not like a crane?" Shows how
  6. Greg thinks for a while.
  7. Greg: Picks the item up like a forklift using his back
  8. Greg (eagerly): "Yeah, I did it!"
  9. Man in Glasses: Nods in approval
  10. Man in Glasses: "Remember lift like a forklift, make sure your path is clear and known!"
  11. Greg smiles.
The End.