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Narrative Film Production:
Course #01: The Basics
Lesson: Creating the animatic
Pages of this Lesson:
Introduction to the animatic
Preparing the storyboards
Creating the film score
Editing the animatic
Creating the sound effects
Compositing the matte painting
Graduation - Completed animatics

Creating the film score for the animatic

The music

Step 1 - Complete the film scoring course
Before you can do the scoring for the animatic, you need to complete the course on film scoring for filmmakers.
Steps 2 - Create the pieces of music
Since you are a filmmaker and not a film composer, we will create the music for our movie using the same techniques you learn in the film scoring course. For this, you only need to create moods. That is all. You don't need to create a musical masterpiece. Keep it simple.
Study the spotting session
To the right is the spotting session. You can do more if you want but this is the basics. The only great challenge is the opening shots which can be done in a variety of different ways. See below.

Music Sources

Butchering Midi files
If you know how to pull Midi files apart, try this music:

Another URL is

Spotting Session

Here is the necessary music for this movie.
Seduced by the Dark Side!

An very old and wise person and a young person (about 12 years old) are outside a movie theater. They have just seen the movie, Star Wars and are going home. They now stand in front of the theater, looking at the poster of the movie on the wall outside the theater.

1. Opening Music see below

The younger person says, "That was a great movie... but I don't understand one thing." The older person says, "Hum, what's that?". The younger person says, "I don't understand how anyone can be 'seduced by the dark side'".

The elderly person thinks for a while...

2. Thinking music

and then answers, "What computer do you use at home?"

The young person immediately responds eagerly, "A Macintosh."

3. The sound of joy

Then the elderly person slowly says, "But what computer does your father use at work?"

The young person thinks for a while...

4. Thinking music 2

and then smiles in amazement, exclaiming loudly, "Seduced by the Dark Side!!!"

5. The sound of joy 2

The old person smiles knowingly at the young person. The young person is very happy knowing he has just learned a very important lesson. Now the two have formed a bond that will last a lifetime.

6. The sound of joy 3

They begin walking slowly home together.

7. Walking home music

The End.

The Opening Shots

See the pop quiz
Previously, I asked you what two shots you wanted for the opening of the scene.
Then I asked you what moods you want to open the scene with. That is much more important.
So hopefully, after thinking about it, you finally know how you want to open the scene.

Here are some music cues you can use:

  1. Musical mood: Fanfare mystery.ogg
  2. Musical mood: Ending short.ogg
  3. Musical mood: Short bang.ogg
  4. Musical mood: Tension.ogg
  5. Musical mood: Long drama.ogg
  6. Musical mood: Bold 2.ogg
  7. Musical mood: Bold.ogg
  8. Musical mood: Mystery.ogg
  9. Musical mood: Awakening.ogg
  10. Musical mood: Ending long.ogg
  11. Musical mood: Bang long.ogg
  12. Musical mood: Attention long.ogg
  13. Musical mood: Attention.ogg
  14. Musical mood: Delicate thinking .ogg
  15. Musical mood: Delicate thinking softer.ogg
  16. Musical mood: Long serious thinking.ogg
  17. Musical mood: Short exclamation.ogg
  18. Musical mood: Short exclamation 2.ogg
  19. Musical mood: Trumpet call heavy.ogg
  20. Musical mood: Trumpet call light.ogg

These are OGG files which is a type of audio file. If you need help setting up your computer to play OGG files, go to Wikipedia:Media help (OGG)

The Choices

1. Star Wars Openning
Many people have said that they want to open the scene looking at the poster of Star Wars movie. This requires you to have music from Star Wars.
2. People first
Other students have said that they want to see the people first before showing the poster. Then you must decide if you want curious music, happy music, dark music, etc.
3. People Second
Some students have said they want to show the poster first without people and then show the people second. Therefore, the Star Wars music must morph into the mood of the people watching the poster. (This might not be much of a change if any... or it can be a great change.)

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Before we can edit the movie together, we need to complete all the elements.
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