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Very Rough Draft

Narrative Film Production:
Course #01: The Basics
Lesson: Creating the animatic
Pages of this Lesson:
Introduction to the animatic
Preparing the storyboards
Creating the film score
Editing the animatic
Creating the sound effects
Compositing the matte painting
Graduation - Completed animatics

Creating the matte painting for the animatic

Building a movie theater

Creating a movie of the storyboards
When we film this motion picture, the movie set will be a wall which is 10 feet tall and 40 feet wide with poster on the wall. That is it That is the entire movie set.
The rest of the movie set will be painted. It will be a matte painting... just like the matte painting you created in the matte painting lesson.

How big is the frame?

Dolly out
For the final shot, you will dolly out and watch the actors leave the theater. You must first determine how big the final image will appear. If the movie set (the wall) becomes only 1/4 of the final picture, then you must start with a matte painting which is 4 times as large as your movie frame.


This is only rough
During production, you will see the final wall. For now, we just have a wall that we see in FrameForge 3D Studio. Therefore, your matte painting need only to be rough.
Start with the theater
The first element is the theater itself. Extend the wall to make it a full theater.
Add animated elements. This can be people walking. To do this, just have a cut out of a person and then, in your animation program, you simply move the person (without bothering to add any walk cycle, etc.)


Use your editing program
In most cases, you can use your editing program to combine the matte painting with the movie set (the wall).
Then you must creat the dolly out shot.

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Before we can edit the movie together, we need to complete all the elements.
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