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This school is:
Narrative Film Production
The course is:
Basic film editing (editing a dramatic conversation)
This lesson is:
Analyzing film dailies - What can you learn from film dailies?
The pages of this lesson are:
1. Lesson summary - Analyzing & editing film dailies

24 Unedited Scenes Disk

Out for a Walk Screen Shot.png Scene: "Out for a walk" Funny, short, needs matte painting
The Assignment Screen Shot.png Scene: "The Assignment" Long and intense
Ice Cream Screen Shot.png Scene: "Ice Cream" Long but simple
12 scenes from the family reunion
Taking Notes Screen Shot.png Scene: "Taking Notes" A basic scene
Morning Coffee Screen Shot.png Scene: "Morning Coffee" A basic scene
Letter From Amy Screen Shot.png Story Of Amy Screen Shot.png Amy Comes Home Screen Shot.png Scenes about Amy Good practice
Come On In Screen Shot.png Scenes about Jason Simple but good practice
Morning Surprise Screen Shot.png Scene: "Morning Surprise" Needs 3D animation
Doctor Doctor Screen Shot.png Scene: "Doctor, Doctor!" Needs sound F/X and music
Girl and the Golden Jewel Screen Shot.png Scene: "The Girl and the Golden Jewel" Needs F/X, voice over, sound
Wedding Bells Screen Shot.png Scene: "Wedding Bells" Funny, old, poor color, only 12fps
Big Bad Bell Screen Shot.png Scene: "The Big Bad Bell" A bit odd
Open The Door Screen Shot.png Scene: "Open The Door" Totally weird, MOS - even needs dialog!!!

Analyzing and editing "24 Unedited Scenes"
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"24 Unedited Scenes"

Burn the scene onto a disk and send the disk to me.
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Demo reel

Getting an editing job
Remember that you will need a demo reel for getting a job in Hollywood. Therefore, you should start compiling all the scenes that you have edited onto a demo reel.
Email me and I will send you my physical mailing address. Click Here
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Earn points

Buy more disks with your points

Submitting your edited scenes earns you point so you can get the next disks free.

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