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No audio recording. Below is the chat log from the meeting in Second Life:

[0:30] Al Lurton is Online

[0:30] jokay Wollongong is Online

[0:30] Johnnie Wendt is Online

[0:31] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat...

[0:31] Connected

[0:31] Teleport completed from http://slurl.com/secondlife/Koru/156/125/27

[0:31] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat...

[0:31] Connected

[0:31] You: still rezing...

[0:32] You: sweet!

[0:33] jokay Wollongong: probly havent got time to explore now.. but grab a landmark.. im quite impressed ;)

[0:33] jokay Wollongong: From a tech perspective tho..

[0:33] You: obsolutely

[0:33] jokay Wollongong: interesting that it's very trendy right now to build at 600m in the air.. and have total control over the enviro

[0:33] You: it looks very interesting

[0:33] jokay Wollongong: if you zoom right right out...

[0:34] jokay Wollongong: We are up in the sky in inside some huge prims

[0:34] Orwell Sorbet is Online

[0:34] jokay Wollongong: hence the texture overload ;)

[0:34] You: with birds eye perspective?

[0:34] jokay Wollongong: Yeah.. you might need to disable your camera constraints..

[0:34] jokay Wollongong: Do you have your advanced menu up top?

[0:34] You: I see!

[0:35] You: its underground

[0:35] jokay Wollongong: Nah.. it's waaaay up in the sky..

[0:35] You: eh

[0:35] jokay Wollongong: but eh enviro the deisgn has built makes it feel underground..

[0:35] jokay Wollongong: Hit CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-D

[0:35] jokay Wollongong: That will bring up the advanced menu at the top of your screen..

[0:35] jokay Wollongong: Go in there..

[0:35] jokay Wollongong: and choose 'Disable Camera Constraints'

[0:35] jokay Wollongong: Then..

[0:36] jokay Wollongong: Zoom waaaaaaaaaay out..

[0:36] jokay Wollongong: either with your mousewheel..

[0:36] jokay Wollongong: or Alt-down arrow

[0:37] You: yep.. its pretty creative

[0:37] You: I wish that van goh one was still around

[0:37] jokay Wollongong: me too!

[0:37] You: need to collect up LM of these uba creative spaces

[0:37] jokay Wollongong: Hi stabitha ;)

[0:37] You: like Svarga

[0:37] You: etc

[0:37] jokay Wollongong: Yeah.. im working on a listing

[0:37] Stabitha Braveheart: hi

[0:37] jokay Wollongong: some new resources coming out soon

[0:37] You: cool

[0:38] jokay Wollongong: Anyway.. we should go check voice over on jokaydia ;)

[0:38] jokay Wollongong: gimme 2 mins for a coffee refill and i'll meetya there ;)

[0:38] You: ok

[0:38] Teleport completed from http://slurl.com/secondlife/Garden%20of%20dreams/109/134/696

[0:38] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat...

[0:38] Connected

[0:41] jokay Wollongong is Offline

[0:46] Orwell Sorbet is Offline

[0:55] Lucida Skytower: Hi Leroy/Leigh! :-)

[0:55] You: Hi Lucinda

[0:55] You: yep

[0:55] Lucida Skytower: :-)

[0:55] You: so.. um

[0:55] You: who are you?

[0:55] You: let me check the wiki

[0:56] Lucida Skytower: sorry, I changed my avatar - I'm Pipi Tinlegs, aka Amy Lenzo

[0:56] You: Oh g'day

[0:56] Lucida Skytower: do you prefer to use voice? Or written chat?

[0:56] You: one of the things I really don't like about SL is the split personality it forces on me

[0:56] jokay Wollongong is Online

[0:57] You: oh voice

[0:57] You: if it works

[0:57] Lucida Skytower: I know what you mean :-)

[1:08] Lucida Skytower: www.beautydialogues.com

[1:09] jokay Wollongong: HI Al! ;)

[1:09] jokay Wollongong: are you voicing ;)

[1:09] jokay Wollongong: or txting>? ;)

[1:10] You: Amy/Lucida = World Cafe

[1:10] You: (I'll take some notes

[1:11] You: for others who couldn't be here)

[1:11] Lucida Skytower: thanks Leroy!

[1:11] You: Conversation about how we build a sense of shared ownership in Second Life projects

[1:12] You: Jo reflecting on how much work it can become when you are central to a project

[1:12] You: And there is a noticable "inner and outer circle" in the Jokaydia community

[1:13] You: Jokaydia (or Jo Kay) has been developing educational SL community for at least 3 years now

[1:14] You: Jo organises events in Jokaydia to stimulate the Jokaydia project

[1:14] You: such as mini conference, member exhibitions, and web sites that relate to Jokaydia

[1:15] You: Building information structures around the community

[1:15] Johnnie Wendt is Offline

[1:15] You: Facebook groups

[1:15] You: etc

[1:15] You: Flickr image tags

[1:16] You: Discussion about the "JoKaydia" brand

[1:17] You: and the positive and negative impacts on that shared ownership objective

[1:17] You: Jo believes that people in the community do have a sense of ownership (and brand loyalty) to Jokaydia

[1:18] You: Amy asks about the exhibitions

[1:18] You: Jo says it was part of the idea to focus on things more outside EDUCATION

[1:18] You: and diversify interests

[1:18] You: 2 art exhibitions at the moment

[1:18] You: an immersive space

[1:19] You: and an exhibition from the Australian Environment organisation

[1:19] You: there is a 3rd exhibition (jo just remembers)

[1:20] You: Konrad Glokowski's photo exhibition from his work exchange in Kenya

[1:20] You: so that's a connection of art and education

[1:20] You: basically Jokaydia tries to draw interesting things and people into the space

[1:21] You: that stimulate interest

[1:21] You: talk about the "Virtual Classroom Project"

[1:22] You: they are trying to attract a girl to the project this time

[1:22] You: Jokaydians are also working on a project in Teen Second Life

[1:22] You: a restricted space for school children

[1:23] You: also exploring Open Sim

[1:23] You: that can be set up on a local network

[1:23] You: such as IN a school

[1:24] You: Al (with us in teh meeting) works on Quest Atlantus - another virtual world

[1:24] You: a safe and secure space for 9 - 12 year olds

[1:24] You: and is internationally networked

[1:24] You: :)

[1:25] You: Jo mentions Bron Stucky uses Quest Atlantus

[1:27] You: Leigh asks Al for coments about Jo's objective for a shared community

[1:27] You: Al says such a community should be diverse

[1:27] You: so the idea of broadening scope outside educational topics is good for bringing in a wider range of people

[1:28] You: and the opportunity to build members sense of space - such as opportunities for members to build

[1:29] You: Jo observes a transition in the community from "what is Second Life" focus to...

[1:29] You: "what things can we do with SL"

[1:29] You: Al says:

[1:30] Johnnie Wendt is Online

[1:30] You: A lot of people drop their real life identity into SL, rather than exploring or extend alternative identies

[1:30] Je4ss Voom: boo!

[1:30] You: jo responds

[1:31] You: Je4ss joins

[1:31] You: Hi jess

[1:31] You: we are on voice

[1:31] Je4ss Voom: hi all ")

[1:31] Je4ss Voom: i will set up my headphones

[1:31] You: ok

[1:31] Al Lurton: hi Je4ss

[1:31] You: I'm taking notes

[1:32] Je4ss Voom: 'forget' to do? isn't exploration of self happening all the time? - external world whether FL or SL is always reflection of what is within

[1:34] You: discussion about identity

[1:34] You: some (many) prefer to explore alternative identity

[1:34] jokay Wollongong: Oooo.. hard!

[1:34] You: Amy / Lucida says she is using a new "alt" avatar

[1:34] You: and enjoys thinking about the range of new identies we can play with

[1:36] You: Jo says that the use of "alts" alternative avatars...

[1:36] You: is very useful for winning acceptance to other communities

[1:36] You: in SL

[1:36] You: But jo feels very disconnected from those alts

[1:37] You: Jo has a good friend in SL

[1:37] You: who explores cross gender in SL

[1:37] You: and observes that real life gender has no bearing on their SL relationship

[1:38] You: but Jo thinks there would be a tension if they met in real life

[1:39] You: Al agrees that having an alt to explore other communities is very useful

[1:39] You: and enlightening

[1:40] You: and perhaps a useful experience for children (in terms of Al thinking as an educator)

[1:40] You: Jo mentions the community shared tour

[1:40] You: where each member brings at least one land mark of some where in second life

[1:40] You: and the group go around together

[1:40] Je4ss Voom: can we do that now? :)

[1:41] You: good idea Je4ss

[1:41] You: so we all friending

[1:41] Je4ss Voom: how does one share a landmark?

[1:41] You: drag and drop Je4ss

[1:41] Je4ss Voom is Online

[1:41] Je4ss Voom: 'the' group?

[1:41] Je4ss Voom is Online

[1:42] Je4ss Voom: hello!

[1:42] Je4ss Voom: trying to get voice working

[1:42] You: no mic Jess?

[1:42] You: oh ok

[1:42] Je4ss Voom: am not quite used to using it yet so am a bit shy

[1:42] Al Lurton: ah Tassie?

[1:42] Je4ss Voom: i am already a member

[1:43] Je4ss Voom: /waves

[1:43] You: Leigh asks how has chat vs voice impacted on communication in SL

[1:43] Je4ss Voom: i am much more used to typing

[1:43] Je4ss Voom: used irc since age 5 or something :)

[1:43] You: jo thinks that voice had a positive impact for many people

[1:43] You: but there are a lot of people who still prefer text

[1:44] You: voice comes second though - Leigh thinks

[1:45] You: working with chat text first is a good way to start

[1:45] You: because we know everyone gets it

[1:45] You: voice doesn't work for some

[1:45] Je4ss Voom: not me, i dont have a life

[1:45] Je4ss Voom: i just sit in a dark room and eat pizza that gets shoved under the door

[1:45] Je4ss Voom: and grow mould

[1:45] You: Al, adds that some people are not in a quiet enough space to be able to use a mic for voice

[1:46] Je4ss Voom: leroy, why are you typing what's being said?

[1:46] You: and Al (and Leigh) have felt excluded when voice is used without any text transcript

[1:46] You: notes for those who couldn't be here

[1:46] Je4ss Voom: ah! good on you

[1:47] Je4ss Voom: some could fly

[1:47] Je4ss Voom: hover about

[1:47] You: Voice can add technical problems too

[1:47] You: some people give feedback

[1:48] You: others come through too soft of loud

[1:48] You: and many people using voice can put a big load on SL servers

[1:48] You: Jo has used Skype voice as a backup

[1:49] You: Amy says World Cafe uses small group IM that come together later

[1:50] You: QUT Dekka

[1:50] You: Terra Incognita

[1:50] You: Island in SL

[1:51] You: and has group chat features

[1:52] You: Amy says its good to use support people - one per small group

[1:52] jokay Wollongong: Terra incognita

[1:52] jokay Wollongong: Decka's Decks

[1:52] jokay Wollongong: Decka Mah

[1:53] Je4ss Voom: i had to get chocolate

[1:53] Je4ss Voom: are we teleporting about?

[1:53] You: not yet

[1:53] Al Lurton: i cant hear sorry

[1:54] jokay Wollongong: oh soory al...

[1:54] jokay Wollongong: do you wanna head for the pub..

[1:54] jokay Wollongong: and i'll send everyone to you ;)

[1:54] Al Lurton: k .. want tps?

[1:54] Je4ss Voom: sorree

[1:54] Je4ss Voom: :/

[1:54] jokay Wollongong: Al... we'll go see the blue day art ;)

[1:55] jokay Wollongong gave you Bar jokaydia!, jokaydia III (94, 218, 21).

[1:55] Teleport completed from http://slurl.com/secondlife/jokaydia/176/81/24

[1:55] Je4ss Voom: hello al

[1:56] Je4ss Voom: what was the mrow?

[1:58] Je4ss Voom: where do the words on the dome come from?

[1:58] You: looking at posters and art about "Beyond Blue" = Anxiety and Depression works and information

[1:59] You: there's a trampoline!

[1:59] OCEAN OF TEARS owned by Dave Koi gave you 'dkart - art for my sake - Art by Dave Koi' ( http://slurl.com/secondlife /jokaydia%20III/108/185/23 ).

[2:00] OCEAN OF TEARS owned by Dave Koi gave you 'About this work' ( http://slurl.com/secondlife/jokaydia%20III/108/185/23 ).

[2:00] Je4ss Voom: WHAT FUN!

[2:01] Je4ss Voom: the trampoline is great

[2:01] You: art with a therapy perspective

[2:02] You: the ability to play and create in Second Life

[2:02] Je4ss Voom: when i first came onto jokaydia i thought it was just for teachers and educators - but then you did the blueday thing so that makes me think what jokaydia is about is BIGGER - how would you describe what jokaydia IS FOR in a few words?

[2:03] Lucida Skytower is Online

[2:03] Je4ss Voom: you didnt answer my question that i typed jo :-(

[2:06] Je4ss Voom: i am excited about how philosophy fits into this

[2:06] Je4ss Voom: learning, questioning - central to what it means to be human

[2:06] jokay Wollongong: hehee.. i dunno whether i can do a few words jess.. i talk too much..LOL

[2:07] Je4ss Voom: i got the instructions for the disc

[2:07] Skipping Disc whispers: this item does not belong to you.

[2:07] Je4ss Voom: and it told me to click on the disc and i would get my own

[2:07] You: Jo says sipping and dancing are great fun in SL

[2:07] Je4ss Voom: but i didnt it told me the object was not mine

[2:07] Skipping Disc whispers: this item does not belong to you.

[2:07] Al Lurton: look in recent items or type'skip' in inventory :)

[2:08] You: Jo notes that such things are important for community bonding / development

[2:08] Je4ss Voom: how do i get a skipping disc thingy

[2:08] Skipping Disc whispers: this item does not belong to you.

[2:09] Emerald speed blue: Sorry, You are not authorized to drive this boat

[2:10] Isa Goodman is Online

[2:12] jokay Wollongong gave you Safety Dance.

[2:12] Al Lurton gave you Skip.

[2:14] You: conversation about gestures - which are a bit like emoticons like smiley faces etc - but gestures are animatied in SL and a lot greater range

[2:16] Al Lurton: Let's skip!

[2:16] Je4ss Voom: /fruitsalad

[2:16] Je4ss Voom: Fruit Salad!

[2:16] Je4ss Voom: Yummy! Yummy!

[2:16] Je4ss Voom: Fruit Salad!

[2:16] Je4ss Voom: Yummy! Yummy!

[2:16] Je4ss Voom: Yaaaaaaay.... yay...

[2:16] Al Lurton: thats an gesture set .. I typed in Let's skip! and it said 'Let's Skip' depends what you want to create

[2:17] You: ..:: Gidday Darlin' - How are ya? ::..

[2:17] Al Lurton: Let's skip!

[2:17] Je4ss Voom: /yay

[2:17] Al Lurton: Gday Mate!

[2:17] Je4ss Voom: /yay

[2:17] You: /gd

[2:17] Je4ss Voom: Yaaaaaaay.... yay...

[2:17] Al Lurton: well done

[2:17] Je4ss Voom: Fruit Salad!

[2:17] Je4ss Voom: Yummy! Yummy!

[2:17] Je4ss Voom: Fruit Salad!

[2:17] Je4ss Voom: Yummy! Yummy!

[2:17] Al Lurton: Let's skip!

[2:18] Je4ss Voom: Hey!

[2:18] Al Lurton: yeah I sent it twice

[2:18] You: ..:: Gidday Darlin' - How are ya? ::..

[2:18] Al Lurton: yay skip Lucinda

[2:18] Al Lurton: Gday Mate!

[2:18] You: lol

[2:18] Al Lurton: Let's skip!

[2:19] Al Lurton: Let's skip!

[2:19] You: WHOA!!!! <:o

[2:19] You: HEY!!! >:(

[2:19] You: DON'T TOUCH ME!!! >:/

[2:19] DebZee Miklos is Online

[2:21] jokay Wollongong: hey slammed.. can you heaar me??...LOL

[2:21] slammed Aabye: phone

[2:21] Al Lurton: Let's skip!

[2:22] You: ..:: Gidday Darlin' - How are ya? ::..

[2:22] Je4ss Voom: Fruit Salad!

[2:22] Je4ss Voom: Yummy! Yummy!

[2:22] Je4ss Voom: Fruit Salad!

[2:22] Je4ss Voom: Yummy! Yummy!

[2:22] CiderJack Applemoor is Online

[2:23] Je4ss Voom: Yaaaaaaay.... yay...

[2:24] Je4ss Voom: maybe you need a new jobs

[2:25] Je4ss Voom: the fruit salad will be being sold in a shop soon, will let u know

[2:25] Je4ss Voom: slammed, whats your slight accent?

[2:27] You: /who

[2:27] Je4ss Voom: slammed, what is your accent?

[2:27] Al Lurton: It's Jokaydian Jess

[2:28] Je4ss Voom: :-D

[2:28] You: 19 hrs per day just become 24

[2:28] Al Lurton: cool

[2:29] Briarmelle Quintessa is Online

[2:30] Al Lurton: not litterers?

[2:30] Je4ss Voom: damn furrys >:(

[2:33] slammed Aabye: Wow!

[2:33] Je4ss Voom: if people want the fruit salad, look for the other two green dots in jokaydia

[2:33] Al Lurton is Offline

[2:33] Je4ss Voom: altair is in the sandbox you can go ans ask him for it

[2:33] slammed Aabye: Wow!

[2:33] slammed Aabye: LAG LAG LAG

[2:33] slammed Aabye: LAG LAG LAG

[2:33] slammed Aabye: Wow!

[2:33] slammed Aabye: Tits were UNBLEVABLE

[2:33] slammed Aabye: Ah man I love titties

[2:34] Je4ss Voom: like a bag of sand

[2:34] Je4ss Voom: show! show!

[2:34] Je4ss Voom: leroy please

[2:34] Je4ss Voom: leroy can you show us some?

[2:34] You: Just Who do u Think YOU Are!

[2:35] Je4ss Voom: yay!

[2:35] Al Lurton is Online

[2:36] Je4ss Voom: "pontificate" - that word sounds dirty

[2:37] Teleport completed from http://slurl.com/secondlife/jokaydia%20III/110/196/22

[2:37] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat...

[2:37] Connected

[2:37] Al Lurton: soory .. batt too low hibernated ... crashed .. I'm texting in quiet room now :)

[2:39] Al Lurton: beautiful in here

[2:40] jokay Wollongong: Amazing isnt it Al

[2:41] Je4ss Voom: its sooo cute

[2:42] Al Lurton: the shades and tones .. use of light

[2:42] Al Lurton: yes cinema!!!!!

[2:44] Je4ss Voom: out of interest, does anyone know where i can get a crop circle?

[2:45] Al Lurton: there are a number of banned residents

[2:48] syota Sawson shouts: ぐっさん〜

[2:50] Al Lurton: i was on the steps talking crop circles with Jess lol

[2:51] Al Lurton: my glasses can see so many people around here .. but I dont

[2:53] Je4ss Voom: thanks i got lots

[2:53] Je4ss Voom: lost*

[2:53] Star Champagne Bucket Gold (Sculpted): Sparkling champagne makes any day a special occasion, Al Lurton !

[2:54] Je4ss Voom: hehehhe

[2:55] Al Lurton: I ncam across a room that was being used in avery private way just now

[2:55] Al Lurton: I was embarrassed *giggle*

[2:56] Al Lurton: there are private parts around here

[2:57] Al Lurton: how long did it take you to realise that you were there looking for 5 minutes!!!????/

[2:58] Isa Goodman is Offline

[2:58] Al Lurton: om gosh how did that happen?

[2:58] Al Lurton: snuggling

[2:58] Al Lurton: think of it like trampolining or skipping

[3:02] Al Lurton: I'm always in world lol

[3:03] Je4ss Voom: hey al!

[3:04] Je4ss Voom: have you got voice?