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artie: There was a huge problem either with his feed or with me but it would have been nice to respond to my request to clarify it.

artie: You are lucky that you can't hear me. I would be yelling in all caps!!!

Bee (Brazil): Artie, if you want to avoid the tweets and just the FOC08 feeds, then subscribe to this feed - http://beespace.net/category/education/courses/foc08-courses-education-2/

Bee (Brazil): Leigh is just tossing around ideas

Vida Thompson: Meeting is about miniconference plasns

Bee (Brazil): I can typoe quick

Bee (Brazil): with some typos if you do not mind Artie

Sue Wolff: OK, I already have questions

kay lewis: I am happy to identify my idea

Bee (Brazil): Leigh asks if people have any questions about min-conferences

Sue Wolff: alrighty then

Sue Wolff: I will type my questions

Bee (Brazil): Leigh is starting on the main page with a web tour to the mini conference

Vida Thompson: we are starting off with the main page in the wiki

Sue Wolff: Four of us have started planning to fulfill this assignment.

Bee (Brazil): on the quick link you can find the course mini conference

Sarah Stewart: back in a mo

Sue Wolff: We are the only ones up there right now.

Bee (Brazil): Leigh thanks the first group to come together with an event

Bee (Brazil): the idea is to experience the wiki to plan the mini-conference

Bee (Brazil): and add the event on the wiki

Sue Wolff: We have not blogged about it yet.

Sue Wolff: We are planning when to start the blogging.

Sue Wolff: You can see what we have planned and how by looking at that last link.

Bee (Brazil): Leigh feels it's good to use the 2nd week for the conference and the 1st week for planning and rehearsal

Sue Wolff: Are we ok that our miniconf is running for the whole time?

Sue Wolff: Or did you want just a one session per person?

Bee (Brazil): one session per group I suppose

artie: who is this conference for?

Bee (Brazil): both - either group or individually

artie: who is this whole conference aimed at?

artie: the public?

Bee (Brazil): it's important for Leigh to know everyone is involved

Sue Wolff: Our "session" is planned to "run" mostly asynchronously for the two weeks.

Bee (Brazil): Leigh says it is for us to decide

Bee (Brazil): anyone who has an interest

Bee (Brazil): but can also be just among us

Sue Wolff: but we might have one or two live sessions....

artie: private sessions with one or two live sessions sounds good

Bee (Brazil): Scope is on a discussion forum so it is assynchronous

artie: closed circuits and open circuits

Sue Wolff: say again?

Bee (Brazil): Liegh suggests a link to the Scope Forum so people know how to join

Bee (Brazil): acess point made more visible

Sue Wolff: how would you suggest making it more prominent?

Bee (Brazil): ah..here is the planning page

Bee (Brazil): with a calendar and tasks

kay lewis: Hi Leigh - I have lost your audio

Bee (Brazil): yes

Sue Wolff: yeah, I am lucky I even have access to a computer today.

StaffMember: Questions for Sue's group?

Bee (Brazil): Does anyone have any questions?

StaffMember: kay asks...

artie: none of these people who are faciliatating are doing the course work. So why are they facilitating?

StaffMember: Kay and Elaine are thinking to do a Skype session

StaffMember: with pre development is a discussion forum or wiki

StaffMember: topic focus being the use of Mindmaps

StaffMember: question is: is this a good approach

Bee (Brazil): to use Skype

Bee (Brazil): Skypecast has closed down

kay lewis: it now supports 24?

Bee (Brazil): and only supports 5 people in a voice conference

Daryl Cook: i think it support more now~

kay lewis: Well the version I have?

Bee (Brazil): you can phone in

Sue Wolff: Why not use this mtg room?

Bee (Brazil): I also have a meeting room in Learning Times if anyone is interested

Daryl Cook: can eluminate be synchron?

Bee (Brazil): you can use Wiziq and Dimdim

artie: I don't think that people who are not up to date with the course work should be facilitating in this conference

Bee (Brazil): Leigh says Dimdim is still not up to it

Bee (Brazil): Elluminate works well

Sue Wolff: keep in mind, we never have a huge number of people at a meeting anyway.

Daryl Cook: ok

Bee (Brazil): I attended about 80 people with no pb

Bee (Brazil): Elluminat3e

Sue Wolff: what is the largest number who have attended during the course?

Vida Thompson: Sorry Leigh been a bit busy

Bee (Brazil): right

Sue Wolff: right, so choice of tool might depend on a predicted number of attendees.

Bee (Brazil): Leigh wants participants to facilitate a session and not make a presentation

kay lewis: Yes, I have asked already an expert

Bee (Brazil): a presentation may be part of it

kay lewis: Another consideration is using a YouTube video?

artie: We are supposed to facilitate this from what we have learned in this experience together. I don't want to hear from "experts"

Bee (Brazil): but the focus of the mini conference is not the presentation but the whole process that happens before and during

Sue Wolff: And we chose the topic of managing multimembership in our online networks.

artie: I want to hear from those who are verifiably qualified based upon their coursework.

Sue Wolff: What do you mean Artie?

artie: People who have followed the course outline

kay lewis: Artie, those who are interested in being an audience in the online event would be interested, I would hope!

StaffMember: vida's idea:

Bee (Brazil): Wonderful Vida!

artie: Those who have not completed the course outline are not qualified. Those who have, are.

Sue Wolff: So would I not be verifiably qualified because I'm not doing all teh assignments and I'm not going for the certificate?

StaffMember: Vida recorded an interview with a community member in her home town

StaffMember: Vida's idea is to facilitate a session where...

StaffMember: people would listen to her interview

StaffMember: and then runa session in Elluminate

Bee (Brazil): Vida says the interviewee mentioned some names and she would like to edit them as they do not feel comfortable in being exposed

artie: I have a right to be associated with equals in this course. Those who have not kept up with the course are not qualified to work with those who have not.

StaffMember: relax Artie


Sue Wolff: ha ha Artie. Well, our session will be for other equals then.

Bee (Brazil): Me?

kay lewis: Artie, one our our learning outcomes is "develop facilitation skills" ... and another is: "apply facilitation skills within an online learning community" so I see this assignment as developing the skills to do rather than whether the participants are up-to-date with their study?

artie: THis is FOC08. It's a course. It's not a field of daisies for people to roll around in

Bee (Brazil): no sound

Bee (Brazil): ok

Vida Thompson: I agree Kay

Daryl Cook: the silence is deafening!

Sue Wolff: Oh yes it is! All courses can be filds of daisies! I love daisies!

StaffMember: Daryl's idea

Vida Thompson: While I am not up to date with my assignments I have been prursuing earlier topics in depth

StaffMember: Mark Elliot to talk to the group

StaffMember: Session about his work with wikis and community engagement

Bee (Brazil): Leigh likes the idea of bringing someone out of this community and course to have a different perspective

StaffMember: Future Melbourne project

artie: I'm boycotting the conference. That will be my facilitation activity.

Bee (Brazil): Daryl mentions a video by Howard Reinghold

Bee (Brazil): Leigh says that Mark is inspiring

Daryl Cook: stigmergy

Bee (Brazil): and a project that he made in Melbourne

Daryl Cook: hopefully he agrees

Daryl Cook: on confirmation!

Daryl Cook: probably 2nd week - im busy in w1

Sue Wolff: This is our big question: How much of a time slot do we need to be careful to fit into?

kay lewis: Unfortunately Elaine and I have to "pack it in" in the first week as we are both at conferences

Daryl Cook: i'm thinking 60-90 mins

Sue Wolff: Because our approach requires some time to let people respond...

Sue Wolff: It will involve a VoiceThread opportunitiy and some discussion thread options....

Bee (Brazil): VoiceThread is a nice option

Sue Wolff: But it will also be open to other groups.

kay lewis: Elaine will be doing outside tourism adventures with her students in Taupo; I'll be in Auckland doing advanced training in Mind Mapping!

Bee (Brazil): you may use video/photos/messages/

Sue Wolff: Well, we will kick it off then...

Bee (Brazil): people can answer

kay lewis: Sorry i don't know what voice thread is?

Bee (Brazil): ok

kay lewis: yes

Daryl Cook: yes!

StaffMember: yes

StaffMember: voicethread.com

StaffMember: good tool

Bee (Brazil):

Bee (Brazil): I can help out

Daryl Cook: no problems

kay lewis: Thank you

Vida Thompson: yes

Bee (Brazil): let me give you an example of how you can use Voice Thread

StaffMember: please

Bee (Brazil): sorry..slow here

Vida Thompson: Sorry Leigh i am a bit busy & keep getting interruptions I missed about the synchronous session

kay lewis: While we wait, Leigh, is there a tool we can use in Wikieducator to set up an online quiz to provide feedback on our mini conference?

Bee (Brazil): http://el07.wikispaces.com/Places+and+Spaces

Bee (Brazil): this is a wiki I used to prepare the minconference last year

kay lewis: OK, thanks

Vida Thompson: CAn I do that in Elluminate Leigh?

Vida Thompson: CAn you suggest a tool like that?

Bee (Brazil): Leigh suggests we blog about what we want to do and get some key ideas on the wiki

Sue Wolff: Our event is an overlap with somethign to do in SCoPE anyway.

Sue Wolff: We are dovetailing.

StaffMember: good Sue,

Vida Thompson: I can't get audio the mike won't work for me

StaffMember: risk of it being confusing for some - so KIS in presenting the event

Sue Wolff: We are going to need to plan how to announce and market our event. What resources do we have to distribute to the FOC08 group? Just our blogs and the GMAIL list?

Bee (Brazil): did youmanange to open the link for Voice Thread?

StaffMember: I'll do it now

StaffMember: talk to us bee about it

StaffMember: oh darm

Bee (Brazil): ?

StaffMember: can't see voice thread in Elluminate

StaffMember: take the link out to your browsers

Bee (Brazil): we can

Bee (Brazil): it opened

Bee (Brazil): http://el07.wikispaces.com/

Sue Wolff: I imagine it will be a very confusing time..But we might try to graphicly represent right up front and center what is happening - perhaps on teh miniconference page.

StaffMember: cool

StaffMember: yes

Vida Thompson: Sorry guys I have to go bye

StaffMember: cu vida

kay lewis: Any suggestions Leigh, about how to 'push' out our conference idea to the other participants who may not have been participating for a few weeks - I see you have it in our To do list for Week 9 - will that be the only reference to it?

StaffMember: suggestions Kay?

StaffMember: if we all Blog about it that will help

Sue Wolff: Yes, my question is like Kay's.

StaffMember: when the wiki is more developed

StaffMember: I could put it on the main wiki up top

Daryl Cook: thanks Bee !

Sue Wolff: Figuring out how to "push out" and notify, is part of our planning...the part Jeffrey will tackle called guerilla marketing.

Sue Wolff: So part of the answer is blogging, the gmail list, the wiki, ...YES, that will be cool

Sue Wolff: Our group is really trying to focus on non-text attention getting

Sue Wolff: hmmm....We will talk about it.

Bee (Brazil): visual, graphics?

kay lewis: Can you enighten us Sue?

Bee (Brazil): sound?

Sue Wolff: We know we plan to use Voice Thread to gather stories of overwhelm and challenge of so many things going on so many places.

kay lewis: Ooops, enlighten!

Bee (Brazil): artie has left

Sue Wolff: but we are also considering a link in our announcements to a 3 question survey about what people belong to and how they manage.

Sue Wolff: Was teh Joykaydia SL conf part of this course?

Daryl Cook: looking forward to that – i'm a n00b!

Bee (Brazil): offer help if you need

Sue Wolff: Is it up to us when we need to start it?

Sue Wolff: and Did you decide to push it back to the final week?

Daryl Cook: no ?s from me. thanks everyone

Sue Wolff: We would like to run ours over the two weeks if it is ok

Bee (Brazil): thanks a lot, Leigh

kay lewis: Thank you everyone

Sue Wolff: okie dokie

Bee (Brazil): and I can help if you need

bruna: thank you and bye everyone!

Bee (Brazil): I'm usually on Skype

Bee (Brazil): ciao bruna

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