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Greg Barcelon: Greg here, hello!

nancy riffer: Hi, Elderbob

violeta cautin: Hello everyone

violeta cautin: Thanks for the flower

Mary-Doug Wright: and hi from Vancouver, BC

Bee: Hello...good morning, afternoon, evening to all

Amy Lenzo: can you hear me?

nancy riffer: No, we can't

Bee: no cannot hera you

StaffMember: all fixed bee?

Bee: yes

StaffMember: yes

violeta cautin: yes

Amy Lenzo: yep- we can hear you!

Jeffrey Keefer: Hi, Bee!

Vida Thompson: Hi Bee

Greg Barcelon: Question: Is there a facility in the platform to see how each member of the community has been participating in the"course"?

violeta cautin: Nice to hear you, Bee!

Bee: Hi Violeta

Sarah Stewart: Hi Greg, I guess the main platform is each person's blogs

Bee: http://beespace.net

Daryl Cook: darylcook.com

nancy riffer: What is the role of the group discussion as it relates to the discussions between blogs.

Bee: definitions narrow down the complexity but are a good start for discussions

Bee: Hi Elderbob

StaffMember: lol

Amy Lenzo: http://allislight.typepad.com/facilitating_online_commu (Amy Lenzo's FOC blog)

StaffMember: http://eldertown.us/home

Sarah Stewart: LOL

StaffMember: yellow crookneck squash!?

Amy Lenzo: nice blog, elder!

Sarah Stewart: great to hear from you, elder

Jennifer Verschoor: Hello from Argentina

Sarah Stewart: Where's here eaxactly, elder?

violeta cautin: hmm I am hungry now

Daryl Cook: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellow_crookneck_squash

Bee: Texas?

Sarah Stewart: wish we were there too!

Amy Lenzo: YUM!

Bee: Hmmm...smells delicious

Mary-Doug Wright: that squash is really delicious

Greg Barcelon: I did and I believe I am having diff with mic

Amy Lenzo: try when Leigh is off

Greg Barcelon: go ahead while i fix it

Bee: oh cucurbita pepo?

Elderbob Brannan: Maybe Gregg is cooking casserole too

violeta cautin: Hi Greg! I liked your definition of community it was really clear for me and structured.

StaffMember: yes

Amy Lenzo: hi Jeff!

Jeffrey Keefer: http://silenceandvoice.com/

violeta cautin: hear you wel

Amy Lenzo: we can hear you

Daryl Cook: good now

Bee: Hi Jeff

StaffMember: heard you too greg, so back to you next

Sarah Stewart: One of my all time dreams is to go to New York

Bee: beautiful city

Mary-Doug Wright: fantastic city - haven't been since '82

Sarah Stewart: Great to hear from soemone else in health

violeta cautin: how can I put the blog back? I'm so sorry

Sarah Stewart: might have to pop out

violeta cautin: I forgot everyone was seeing what I do in the slide

Amy Lenzo: click on the url, v

Amy Lenzo: go back up to where the link appeared & click it

StaffMember: yes

StaffMember: great

Amy Lenzo: yes!

Bee: hello Greg

violeta cautin: ok did it thanks

Jeffrey Keefer: If any of you make it to NYC, by all means let me know. Drinks are on me!

Amy Lenzo: ok!

Bee: I will...next year in April, Jeff

Amy Lenzo: bornea

Bee: Borneo?

violeta cautin: If you ever come to Iquique, drinks and empanadas!

Bee: Brunei?

Greg Barcelon: www.servant02.wordpress.com

Daryl Cook: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brunei

Jennifer Verschoor: sorry can´t speak got my kids around

violeta cautin: If I navigate through the website in the web tour do you all see it?

Mary-Doug Wright: that makes me smile - it's my dogs I have to worry about

StaffMember: yes

violeta cautin: hello

violeta cautin: really soft

Bee: HI Mary

Jeffrey Keefer: Can hear you a little.

Jennifer Verschoor: very slow

Amy Lenzo: we can hear you, but you're very soft

Vida Thompson: yes i can hear you

Mary-Doug Wright: http://www.apexinformation.com/meldinme

Jeffrey Keefer: I love Vancouver. Went there for Northern Voice for the last two years.

Mary-Doug Wright: Actually, my name is Mary-Doug - it's confusing

Elderbob Brannan: Mary, have we met at Knowplace, before?

Sarah Stewart: Skip over me, Leigh - I'm trying to be too clever and have 2 meetings open so are audio is a little challenging. I am a squatter in this course. Am really here to see how things are going as I did the course last year. I am a midwifery lecturer at Dunedin in the same institution as Leigh: http://sarah-stewart.blogspot.com

StaffMember: Sorry Mary-Doug

Bee: no voice

Mary-Doug Wright: Knowplace - I don't know about this, so will check it out

nancy riffer: I'll check and listen again

Bee: sarah is multitasking

Mary-Doug Wright: No problem, people call me Mary all the time!

Daryl Cook: Mary-Doug. I see you love boxers. me too. i have a white one!

Amy Lenzo: maybe Nancy could introduce herself usign chat...?

Jeffrey Keefer: I can hardly hear you.

Mary-Doug Wright: Too funny. We'll have to talk boxers another time

Elderbob Brannan: http://knowplace.ca I do some work there.

Sarah Stewart: yep, thats Terry

Elderbob Brannan: Its near van couver.

Sean McKee: http://www.seanpmckee.net/blog

Bee: Hola Sean!

Elderbob Brannan: This is really a very impressive group.

Jennifer Verschoor: Very active group!!

Jennifer Verschoor: Just arrived from Japan and it´s hard to catch up

Bee: Were is Vida?

Bee: Where?

Elderbob Brannan: Yes, it is Jennifer...I am learning a lot just reading the post and following the links that come up.

nancy riffer: http://nowpracticingcommunity.blogspot.com

violeta cautin: I have no mic sorry

Vida Thompson: Sorry had to leave for a minute am back now

violeta cautin: I'm an English as a Foreign Language teacher in Chile

StaffMember: ok Vida. back to you in a tick

violeta cautin: htt://fco08violeta.blogspot.com

Vida Thompson: Ok

Bee: voice violeta?

Amy Lenzo: thanks, Nancy!

StaffMember: http://fco08violeta.blogspot.com/

Daryl Cook: @bee she hasnt got a mike

Sarah Stewart: I've got a headache trying to listen to 2 Elluminate conversations

StaffMember: lol

Amy Lenzo:

StaffMember: link vida?

violeta cautin: Bee: I'm the one that wrote you the other day. Thanks for your help

Bee: I know. You're welcome, Violeta

Jennifer Verschoor: Illya had a great idea about creating a buddy

Vida Thompson: http;//www.vidaFoc.blogspot.com

StaffMember: http://www.vidafoc.blogspot.com/

violeta cautin: yes! it was

Amy Lenzo: it might be a great exercise to summarize the definitions we came up with

Amy Lenzo:

Bee: on a wiki page

Elderbob Brannan: That would be a good permanent place to put the information.

Bee: absolutely

Elderbob Brannan: It strikes me that "Community" is more of an organic term, than something more definite.

Elderbob Brannan: Communites contiually change and grow.

Sean McKee: Perhaps people could add a comment to the course blog with a link back to the definition they had posted?

Amy Lenzo: perfect, sean

Bee: right

Bee: good

Amy Lenzo: but what's the course blog?

Sean McKee: http://facilitatingonlinecommunities.blogspot.com/

Amy Lenzo: we may lose the energy of the definition process if we wait that long...

Bee: I think we can summarize it

Amy Lenzo: agreed

Bee: all of us

Amy Lenzo: all of us, exactly

Bee: or those who are interested

Amy Lenzo:

Greg Barcelon: Sorry friends, I have to sign off and go to my face to face event today. I am on the 2nd day with 18 participants on a workshop that addresses Personal Effectiveness.

violeta cautin: wasn't that a project for the wiki week?

violeta cautin: good luck Greg

Jeffrey Keefer: Good luck with it, Greg!

Bee: we can lay the main threads

Elderbob Brannan: Nice to meet you Greg.

Greg Barcelon: thanks violeta, elderbob

Amy Lenzo: you're a brilliant facilitator, Leigh! I posted on the mailing list some of the reasons why

Bee: Why did you call the course facilitating online communities and not just facilitating online?

StaffMember: thanks Amy


StaffMember: good on you Sean!

violeta cautin: I was impressed and a little bit intimidated by the experience of participants!

StaffMember: me too!

Jeffrey Keefer: You and I both, Violeta.

Jennifer Verschoor: I´ve been away so imagine how I feel!!

Vida Thompson: Sorry all I have to leave have 9 students in all of a sudden & can't do both. Will post to my blog & lsiten to teh recording

Amy Lenzo: we're taling about all kinds of things when we say "community" as we've shown in our definitions

Bee: exactly

Bee: community can be a "loaded" word

Elderbob Brannan: This is one of those moments, when I wish my stove was closer to my PC.....I could stir my squash and listen at the same time.

Amy Lenzo: there's a tendency to call any online interaction a "community"...

Elderbob Brannan: Bye Vida

violeta cautin: good point! like it loses its meaning from using it so much

Sean McKee: I like the idea of a comparison of online communities with offline ones. There are direct comparisons that are translatable to the online space but there are additional factors to consider when we rely upon technology to establish, nurture and evolve an online community group.

Daryl Cook: concur

StaffMember: nice

Bee: communities have borders and by having borders they are somehow divisive

StaffMember: hmm

Amy Lenzo: and on one level we are all part of the human community

Bee: how can you set up a community?

Bee: a community comes together

Amy Lenzo: so wherever we gather and connect with each other is part of that ability to "commune" together

Elderbob Brannan: You can establish a set of circumstances and hope for the best or maybe even do good faciilitation

Elderbob Brannan: and come up with "community"

Amy Lenzo: there has to be a need - a call for shared interaction about soemthing of importance to those called to participate

Sarah Stewart: I do think that 'community of practice' is the buzz phrase at the moment

Bee: what is the difference between a community of practice and a guild/

Elderbob Brannan: Ex. Give everyone a similar technology and let them use it to create from.

Sarah Stewart: COP is supposed to fix all ills

Jennifer Verschoor: must leave now. Will start following closely this COP

Sarah Stewart: LOL jeffrey

Sarah Stewart: bye jennifer

Elderbob Brannan: I live in one community that developed from a set of physical circumstances, but it also contains a community of practice based on the primary source of income here.

Daryl Cook: old habits die hard eh JK?

Elderbob Brannan: Bye Jennifer.

Bee: ciao Jennifer

Sean McKee: Rather than using the often-mentioned "Community of Practice" perhaps we are instead talking about "working groups." I think that "community" goes beyond a narrowly focused set of interests.

Bee: why call online courses ...communities? they are classes, courses which eventually may (or not) form a community

Sarah Stewart: agree bee

Jeffrey Keefer: That is exactly what I recently blogged about as well.

Elderbob Brannan: Yes and no, Sean....it might and it might not.

Daryl Cook: oh no, not the squash!

Amy Lenzo: I just blogged about that too! It MUST be true

Bee: lol

StaffMember: Jeffery brought up aspects of barriers to community (the sense of) - in this case - technology.. and in other cases, income and access to tech

Jeffrey Keefer: I agree, Amy!

Elderbob Brannan: Are we using the right word, Bee? Is there some better phrase that fits the subject.

malikrichardson: You cannot have a community w/o relationships...

StaffMember: realtionships and trust

Elderbob Brannan: Even relationships and trust are not absolutes....they can be measured at many levels.

Bee: just facilitation online

Elderbob Brannan: there are communities of little trust and those of great trust.

Amy Lenzo: each of those titles mean something unique and specific, Leigh.

Elderbob Brannan: BRB, I have to stir.

Amy Lenzo: what the course is called (should) indicate the content

Daryl Cook: thought: control does not work in complex environments

Jeffrey Keefer: These times work for us, as we are all here now. Is there a way to send a poll to the entire email group?

Bee: do not give your thoughts

Bee: do not bias us

Bee: lol

Bee: when do we start SL pre-facilitation?

Sarah Stewart: we can arrange to meet up any time we fancy cant we?

Amy Lenzo: I'm sorry, friends, I have another call I have to go to now. I'm so glad I figured out how to get on this platform (I couldn't get it to work on Leopard, and had to use another computer)! See you on the course, and on my blog! I look forward to hearing the record of the rest of the conversation...

Sarah Stewart: bye amy

Elderbob Brannan: Im gonna have to listen to the recording, my supper commands my attention.

Elderbob Brannan: Im in a squash casserole community right now.

Sarah Stewart: enjoy elder

Bee: are you posting the text chats from these meetings in Elluminate on the wiki, Leigh?

Bee: so we can browse quickly and not have to log into Elluminate?

Bee: good

Daryl Cook: thanks folks ciao

Elderbob Brannan: I have enjoyed it all very much.

Jeffrey Keefer: Thank you!!!

Sean McKee: Thank you!

Bee: thanks Leigh and it was great to meet you

Mary-Doug Wright: bye all - thanks so much and nice to meet you

Jeffrey Keefer: bye Amy

Elderbob Brannan: be sure to get a bowl of virtual squash casserole as you exit the room.

Sarah Stewart: cheers, and take care everyone

Bee: thanks...tastes soooo goood

nancy riffer: Thank you, all.

Elderbob Brannan: Thanks and bye.

Sarah Stewart: bye

Jeffrey Keefer: See you all online.

Sean McKee: See you on the blogs!

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