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StaffMember: So sorry Daryl!! I forgot the recorder again!!!

StaffMember: is on now

StaffMember: perhaps know when to share these roles

Grant Comber: Sorry Grant blog still work in progress will post via wikieducator soon


kay lewis: one way to distribute that knowledge in the teacher-driven class is to ask that student to teach someone else

kay lewis: the teacher then facilitates the student to become a teacher

Grant Comber: Yes Kay I found this works especially with the quick learners ahead of the pack

Illya: people with fixed expectation tend to get angry or frustrated when these expectations are not met

Illya: the expectations need to be dealt with

StaffMember: your blog URL Kay?

kay lewis: http://906703fockaylewis.blogspot.com/

Daryl Cook: lol kay – know how it feels!

StaffMember: NZQA = New Zealand Qualifications Authority


StaffMember: hope so

StaffMember: facilitator > teacher > moderator maybe = to tutor > lecturer > dean

StaffMember: in the higher ed context

Vida Thompson: http://www.vidafoc.blogspot.com/

Daryl Cook: i'm guilty of not responding too ;(

kay lewis: sure thanks Leigh, it's on the to do list tomorrow

Illya: I got your response today, daryl

Vida Thompson: yes

Illya: comments keep the discussion going

Grant Comber: Cultural context is also important & cannot be ignored as I learnt teaching in a Maori learning environment

Illya: no hurry!

Daryl Cook: doing that tomorrow!

Vida Thompson: yesLeigh I see what you mean

Illya: management levels

Bron Stuckey: hello people

Illya: hi Bron

Daryl Cook: hi Bron

Bron Stuckey: hi Illya

Daryl Cook: yes!

StaffMember: Step Up Program?

Bron Stuckey: what are we talking about? Sorry I am late

Daryl Cook: trying to think of facilitation in different contexts other than EDU

Bron Stuckey: k

Daryl Cook: have been though each others blogs - what we're up to

Bron Stuckey: k

StaffMember: Bron - for eg so far, Daryl suggested community focus group project facilitation

StaffMember: I suggested journalist

Bron Stuckey: lots to learn form what happens outside education

Daryl Cook: community engagement/consultation

Bron Stuckey: I worked on two large civic projects as a facilitator

kay lewis: http://www.stepupfoundation.co.nz/

StaffMember: thanks Kay - perhaps a post to your blog will articulate your thinking more?

Bron Stuckey: Listen to the City was the project in NYC

Bron Stuckey: lots to learn and it aint all happening in education

Bron Stuckey: looks ate what's happening in civics, corporate, not-for profit and other secotrs

Bron Stuckey: *sectors

Bron Stuckey: * at not ate - although it is dinner time

Bron Stuckey: bron will blog about learning outside education

Bron Stuckey: Evidence of community in an online forum - can we "see" it there in the visible public spaces?

kay lewis: and then you become a marketer to "brand" the blogs?

Bron Stuckey: clearly a community or clearly wants to be a community?

Daryl Cook: not sure I agree that you need to be "out of the picture" leigh

StaffMember: exactly

StaffMember: hopefully that will emerge in the comparison

Bron Stuckey: yes the comparison will surfaces LOADS of issues

Grant Comber: Issue of whether the online community the goal or side product?

Bron Stuckey: yes grant - good way to put it

Bron Stuckey: cool

Illya: it's clear now

Bron Stuckey: hav listen to other meeting

kay lewis: Thank you Leigh for your support and guidance

Bron Stuckey: yes - good series of tasks for us to get our teeth into

Grant Comber: Been thought provoking - thanx Leigh

kay lewis: yes Sir!

Daryl Cook: no problems

Vida Thompson: Thanks Leigh looking forward to finding online communities

Illya: thanx, Leigh

Vida Thompson: See you

Bron Stuckey: good night everyone

Daryl Cook: ciao everyone

Bron Stuckey: ciao4now

Illya: bye

kay lewis: good night to all

Grant Comber: See ya

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