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You have created the core material for your resource in Activity 2, now its time to improve it.

Task[edit | edit source]

Using the resource you created in Activity 2, it's time to enhance its worth. Think about how you can present the site to allow for improved information, alternative formats of information, ease of understanding.

You may like to find

  • Have tables or figures been used to quickly and easily present information?
  • Are there informative videos and podcasts that offer information in a different way?
  • Can the user of the resource follow up further information on something you have included?
  • Will parts of the wiki automatically update themselves?

When creating the resource also consider that as well as the online resource, practioners may at times want to print the resource when online access is not immediate. So bear in mind what the PDF version of the site will look like (click the down arrow next to the Page tab above to see what this page looks like). For example, videos will not appear on a PDF version of the wiki page, but you may still want to make the reader aware that the resource exists, so how would you overcome that?

You will be assessed according to the assessment overview. In this activity, you may want to pay particular attention to:

  • logical flow of information
  • presentation of data is effective
  • innovative use of other media (e.g. use of multi-media and/or social media)
  • the resource remains easy to follow

Timeline[edit | edit source]

The resource will be used in class in week 13 explained in the reflection activity, so this task must be complete by the end of week 12.

Resources[edit | edit source]