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Scoring and interpretation[edit | edit source]

Each question on the test addresses the frequency of the following behavioral characteristics pertaining to sleep: bedtime resistance, sleep-onset delay, sleep duration, sleep anxiety, night waking, parasomnia, sleep disordered breathing, and daytime sleepiness. Parents are also asked if each behavioral characteristic is a current issue for the child.

Only 33 of the 52 questions on the CSHQ are scored, for a maximum total score of 99. Each question is scored on a 1-3 scale, from “rarely (0-1 times a week),” “sometimes (2-4 times),” and “usually (5-7 times).” 6 of the 33 questions scored have the reverse scaling, so “rarely” would correspond to 3 points, and so on.

A total score of 41 and above suggests significant sleep problems for the child.