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Welcome to the English Language Division of the Schools of Language and Literature and Linguistics.

For studies of English Literature, please see Literary Studies.

The English Language Division coordinates and focuses studies on the English language which relate to the language itself, and not its literary tradition. Studies and projects on Old and Middle English, as well as English grammar and linguistics will be listed here.

Learning projects currently being offered in the English Language Division:


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  • Integrate Wikibooks materials into Department.
  • Create relevant courses. Cross-list with other departments.

Proposed Courses

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These have been proposed. Contributors are necessary to complete these courses.

  • Primary English 1 - This course should be for young English speakers and/or their teachers, so younger children can expand their knowledge of English.


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  • An excellent place to find resources on writing


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Department news

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  • October 8, 2006—Division founded!

Degree plans

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See also

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  • Topic:TESOL—the teaching of English to speakers of other languages, TEFL and TESL inclusive