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National Day is a special day for people to celebrate their country every year. Most countries have National Days, usually national holidays, and people do not go to work or school. In many countries that used to be colonies, National Day is called Independence Day because it commemorates the day they got rid of the old empire. In other countries, such as China, the National Day commemorates when the old government of the country was changed to a new government. In the past, the birthday of a king or emperor was often seen as the National Day.

国庆节是人们每年庆祝国家的特殊日子。 大多数国家都有国庆节,通常是国定假日,人们不去上班或上学。 在许多曾经是殖民地的国家,国庆节被称为独立日,因为它纪念他们摆脱旧帝国的那一天。 在其他国家,如中国,国庆节纪念该国旧政府何时改为新政府。 在过去,国王或皇帝的生日常常被视为国庆日。