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Comparison helps analyze words and grammar. The bitesize English-Chinese learning materials are written in English and Chinese as simple as possible which can be used for learning English as well as Chinese.

  • You can search related topics of this course by copying and pasting or keying in a word to the following box, such as this example:

Loupe light.svg

  • You can get English audio version by copying and pasting an English version to Google Translate, such as this example.
  • Hanzi word grouping* is essential for analyzing and learning Chinese. We can get Pinyin with word grouping from Google Translate. After the Chinese sentences have been divided into words (or phrases), then we can copy and paste any of the words (or phrases) to Google Translate, such as this example.
  • It is suggested that Romanized loanwords to be used directly for standardization, especially the foreign person-and-place names, such as this example.
* The word segmentation of Pinyin sometimes can be different from the word segmentation of Hanzi due to their structures are different.