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Meat is animal tissue used as food. Most often is used to describe skeletal muscle and fat that is found with it. Types of meat include beef and veal from cattle, pork, ham and bacon from pigs, mutton from sheep, venison from deer, fish, insects, and poultry from chickens, ducks and turkeys. The word meat is also used for sausages and for non-muscle organs which are used for food, for example liver, brain, and kidneys.

是 用作 食物的 动物组织。通常 用于 描述 骨骼的 肌肉 和 脂肪。肉的 类型 包括 来自 牛的 牛肉 和 小牛肉,来自 猪的 猪肉,火腿 和 bacon,来自 羊的 羊肉,来自 鹿的 鹿肉,鱼,昆虫 以及 来自 鸡,鸭 和 火鸡的 家禽肉。肉 这个 词 也 用于 香肠 和 用于 食物的 非肌肉 器官,例如 肝脏,脑部 和 肾脏。