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The pressure in the arteries changes depending on what the heart is doing. When the heart squeezes, pumping blood into the arteries, the pressure increases. When the heart relaxes, the pressure decreases. When blood pressure is measured, the highest pressure (when the heart is squeezing) is called the systolic blood pressure. The lowest pressure (when the heart is relaxing) is called the diastolic blood pressure.

动脉 压力的 变化 取决于 心脏 在 做 什么。当 心脏 挤压 时,将 血液 泵入 动脉,压力 增加。当 心脏 放松 时,压力 下降。当 测量 血压 时,最高 压力(当 心脏 挤压 时)被称为 收缩压。最低 压力(当 心脏 放松 时)称为 舒张压。