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The Bauhaus was a design school that operated from 1919 to 1933 in Germany. It is widely regarded as the most influential art school of the 20th century. It promoted modernism. It is most well known for teaching painting, photography, advertising, weaving, architecture and the design of furniture and household products. The work that it produced and its teaching methods had a world-wide influence on art, design, photography, architecture and art education.

Bauhaus 是 一所 设计学院,于 1919年 至 1933年 在 德国 运作。它 被 广泛 认为 是 20世纪 最具影响力的 艺术学校。它 促进了 现代主义。它 以 教授 绘画,摄影,广告,编织,建筑 以及 家具 和 家居产品的 设计 而 闻名。它 所创作的 作品 及其 教学方法 对 艺术,设计,摄影,建筑 和 艺术教育 产生了 世界性的 影响。