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Bacteria (sing. bacterium) are very small organisms. They are prokaryotic microorganisms. Bacterial cells do not have a nucleus, and most have no organelles with membranes around them. Most have a cell wall. They do have DNA, and their biochemistry is basically the same as other living things. They are amongst the simplest and the oldest organisms. They function as independent organisms.

细菌 是 非常 小的 生物体。它们 是 原核微生物。细菌细胞 没有 细胞核,大多数 周围 没有 连同 细胞膜 的 细胞器。大多数 有 一个 细胞壁。它们 有 DNA,它们的 生物化学 基本上 和 其他 生物 一样。它们 是 最简单 和 最古老的 生物体 之一。它们 是 独立的 生物体。