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World map showing where Asia is

Asia is the largest continent in the world. It is located in the northern hemisphere. The west of Asia is connected to Europe. Asia and Europe are collectively called Eurasia. Some of the oldest human civilizations originated in Asia, such as Sumer, China and India. Asia was also home to the Persian Empire, the Mongol Empire and the Ming Empire.

亚洲是世界上最大的大洲。 它位于北半球。 亚洲西部与欧洲相连。 亚洲和欧洲统称为欧亚大陆。 一些最古老的人类文明起源于亚洲,如苏美尔,中国和印度。 亚洲也是波斯帝国,蒙古帝国和明朝帝国的所在地。