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The Roman Empire at its greatest extent under Trajan in AD 117

Ancient Roma is the name for a civilization in Italy. It began as a small farming community in the 8th century BC. It became a city and took the name of Roma from its founder Romulus. It grew to become the largest empire in the ancient world. It started as a kingdom, then became a republic, then an empire.

古Roma 是 Italy 文明 的 名字。它 始于 公元前 8世纪 的 一个 小型 农业 社区。它 成为 一座 城市,并 从 它 的 创始人 Romulus 而 取名 为 Roma。它 发展 为 古代 世界 最大 的 帝国。它 从 一个 王国 开始,然后 成为 一个 共和国,然后 是 一个 帝国。