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Problem Statement[edit | edit source]

In our process as a group we used statistics to try and figure out how to beat poppit. Using the human average by playing a series of games and recording data then comparing with-in our team.

Team Members[edit | edit source]

Put each team members name here with links to their personal page here. Real names do not have to be used.


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Summary[edit | edit source]

Using different methods:

1. Left to right

2. Right to left

3. Top to bottom

4. Bottom to top

5. Chunks

6. Doubles

7. Color elimination

Team Averages

CFurby avg: 22.3

ARoberts avg: 20.6

Ckpress avg: 27.1

team weekly reports.

Poster[edit | edit source]

No picture

Story[edit | edit source]

We were assigned the task of creating a program to pop all the balloons in the computer game Poppit. So we decided it would be best to find our average number of balloons left over to see if popping all the balloons every game was feasible. We had each team member play the game using a variety of different techniques such as: Left to right, right to left, top to bottom, bottom to top, chunks, doubles, and color elimination. After an estimated 2 hours of play per teammate, our average number of balloons left over by teammate were: CFurby 22.3, ARoberts 20.6, and Ckpress 27.1. This information gave our team a 23.3 average number of balloons left over.

Decision List[edit | edit source]

We decided to use statistics to figure out the human average as and approach to how to reduce the left over balloons when playing poppit. Each of the three team members would play a set of twenty plus games and record he/she average. We approached the task by using many different methods. First method was popping the ballons from left to right. Second method was from Right to left, top to bottom, bottom to top, then in chunks, doubles, and finally color elimination.

Material List[edit | edit source]

There are no materials

Software List[edit | edit source]

Programs and softwares use were poppit and excel

Time[edit | edit source]

Time took was was around 2hrs per team member to play poppit and record data

Next Steps[edit | edit source]


1. Come up with a problem statement

2. Figure out what we as a group will do to solve the problem

3. Used statistics to solve them problem

4. Assign individual task to each member of the group (play poppit, and record data)

5. Play poppit a set number of times

6. Record the left over balloons (after a set number of games)

7. Calculate the average

8. Compare with members in the group

9. Analyze and write feed back on what we have done