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Idea[edit | edit source]

The game Poppit is an example html5, free, google application that is a game. The game's goal is to pop balloons, win prizes and score points. The goal is to write software that can play the game better than a person. "Better" is defined as not using the pushpin, or the weight. Can use UNDO. Here the goal is to count the number of ballons left. The ideal score is zero. The goal is not to replicate, record or maximize the poppit score. The goal is to play the game and figure out strategies (pop all horizontal balloon pairs in the top row first) and chunk them (Chunking is an artificial intellengence term), write functions to detect them in screen shots and then start combining the chunks in various ways. Don't think you need to know how to use the program in order to be part of this project.

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Human Average

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Howard Community College