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Lessons[edit | edit source]

Files[edit | edit source]

The BP file name stands for Basic Programming. This file contains the core Eclipse programming. To count records in the BP file, issue this command in Terminal Command Language (TCL):


Any custom programming is stored the CBP file. CBP means Custom Basic Programming.

To get a list of files:


To clear the screen:


Resources[edit | edit source]

  1. 25% How to start TCL mode
  2. 25% How to get version of UniVerse
  3. 25% Releases
  4. 75% Creating a simple dictionary item
  5. 75% Creating subroutine
  6. 75% Loop example
  7. 75% Reading file
  8. 75% Saving file to held Entries or "Report Queue"
  9. 75% Sending results via email
  10. 75% Sending notification via message
  11. 100% Sending results via FTP
  12. 75% Scheduling program to run on regular basis
  13. 75% Creating custom screen
  14. 75% Creating TEMP file

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