E-Learning in Mozambique

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Ideas for E-Learning in Mozambique[edit | edit source]

Write some ideas about how specific tools can be used for E-Learning-Scenarios in Mozambique!

Weblogs[edit | edit source]

In Mozambique the use of the Blog in distance education has been a widely used tool since the distance learning allows the communication between students and teachers located on geographically separated points. The Web blog has driven the creation and publication of academic and scientific articles in order to drive forward the process of teaching and learning in Mozambique. Several educational institutions have resorted today to Blogs, helping each other and exchanging important information for making decisions.

Blogging the educational institutions can make available to their students the necessary materials, scientific research articles, which will aid learning pharma dynamic and more innovative. Because it is an innovative tool for the Mozambican education, some barriers may appear and sometimes even create limitations for the users of these technologies. However teachers and educational institutions need to emphasize and motivate its users to increasingly use this tool.

Wikis[edit | edit source]

In the Mozambican reality the wifi does not allow the interactive study among students. Reduces time to face sections, allowing the sharing of information among stakeholders. She is one of the resources used for sharing information. It also facilitates the dissemination of educational institutions, allowing ease of access to the same institutions.

Skype[edit | edit source]

In this new technological age Mozambique has also makes use of various technological tools. One such tool is the skype . This tool is different from the others because it has some advantages as it is possible to interact simultaneously with text or chat room , or we can use video conferencing with voice making the chat more interesting in the class.

Skype is a tool used for communication between groups and individually, for a person to another. Also has the function of receiving and sending videos, documents and music. It should be noted that the communication mentioned above is synchronously, i.e., in real time. Whether using video call, chat, sharing and sending files munitor in real time. however, it is a tool that the insertion was connectivism ie in the digital age, enabling interaction between people, students, workers, etc. Therefore, the tool exploits the Web 2.0 functionality that characterized by interactivity. This interactivity that is incontornével in the teaching and learning process.

Facebook[edit | edit source]

  1. we Have to create a brother connection. In this connection we have to define the rules.
  2. The teacher as the administrator of this connection, can publish the contents and so the students can discuss about the topic published.
  3. In the same line of thought facebook also serves to create scientiftic debates thus facilitaties the process of teaching and learning.

Google Docs[edit | edit source]

The google docs is a tool that enables upload of literature by the respective authors, we believe that it is a tool that enables the effectiveness of teaching Elearning in Mozambique, to the extent that the student has the ability to access teaching materials in digital format. On the one hand we can say literatures in digital format save the pocket of the student in order to access the content without having to spend hefty sums of money, he does not have, in the acquisition of printed literature. moreover, docs googlo the tool enables the author to make necessary corrections literatures without great effort.

The Google Docs its an aplicative that improve elearning, and it is used online.

Week 2[edit | edit source]