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Water purification systems at Bret Lake, Switzerland.

Content summary[edit | edit source]

Herein we first explore the subject of drinking water, focusing on the physical characteristics and the natural processes involved. Then we apply these studies to the engineering of devices to treat water so that it becomes wholesome and potable.

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Drinking Water Treatment Engineering Lessons[edit | edit source]

  1. Temperature
  2. Density
  3. Salinity
  4. Turbidity
  5. Chemistry
  1. Groundwater
    1. Mineral contamination
    2. Anthropogenic contamination
  2. Surface-water
  3. Desalination
  1. Conventional Filtration
    1. Agglomeration
    2. Sedimentation
    3. Filtration
  2. Microfiltration
  3. Ultrafiltration
  4. Nanofiltration

  1. Oxidation
  2. Chloramination
  3. Inactivation

Study guide:[edit | edit source]

  • Physical Properties of Drinking water
  1. Wikipedia article:Temperature
  2. Wikipedia article:Density
  3. Wikipedia article:Salinity
  4. Wikipedia article:Chemistry
  • Drinking water disinfection
  1. Wikipedia article:Disinfection
  2. Wikipedia article:Sphagnum (per "Man vs. Wild")
  3. Wikipedia article:Moringa oleifera

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