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Welcome to the Topic of Discrete Mathematics, a department of the School of Mathematics and School of Computer Science. Discrete mathematics is very important for studying computer science.

Discrete Mathematics is a broad subject encompassing several formal systems for dealing with discrete quantities. If you are studying Discrete Mathematics as part of a related field, you may wish to follow one of the links below to a streamlined set of core topics that you need. A complete list of Discrete Mathematics topics is given below.

Core Topics for Related Studies[edit]

Complete List of Subjects[edit]

Until lessons are completed, you may wish to visit wikipedia for more info. There's a lot there - you may wish to start up another pot of coffee.


Off-site courses[edit]

  1. Discrete Math, Michael Damron, New York University, Fall 2008. (Earlier versions: Spring 2007)
  2. Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics, Larry Bowen, University of Alabama.
  3. Discrete Structures, Margaret Fleck and Eric Shaffer, Spring 2009
  4. Discrete Mathematics, Ben Maloney, University of Wollongong, Summer 2010-2011.
  5. Discrete Mathematics I, Peter G. Binev, University of South Carolina, Fall 2006.

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