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The Design Phase is the second phase of the ADDIE model. After thoroughly analyzing a performance gap in the Analyze Phase, you’ll now begin planning how training will be used to close that gap. By the end of the Design Phase, you should have a rough outline of what your training will look like.

Learning Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Compose learning objectives that are SMART and conform to the format "Performance + Condition + Criterion."
  • Perform a task analysis in which you break down the learning objectives into supporting knowledge, skills, attitudes, and/or tasks.
  • Choose an instructional strategy for training that facilitates associated learning objectives.
  • Choose a format/modality for instruction that facilitates both the learning objective and chosen instructional strategy.

Why it Matters[edit | edit source]

Why is it important to write learning objectives? What's a Bloom's verb, and why should you care? A narrative (example or scenario) that fleshes out the problem and/or hooks learners by resonating with their experience(s) might be useful.

Learning Resources[edit | edit source]

Practice Activity[edit | edit source]

An augmented version of the scenario from the Analyze Phase goes here (unless someone wants to write an entirely new scenario).

Quiz[edit | edit source]