Controversies in Science/Water fluoridation/A Critique of Adding fluoride to water supplies

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(Review Paper) Cited in Controversies in Science/Water fluoridation/A Critique of Adding fluoride to water supplies

Water Fluoridation is regarded by many as 'Mass Medication[edit | edit source]

This process highly controversial – the general population is being medicated without consent. For example, those without dental caries are receiving unneeded fluoride.[1]

Adding fluoride to the water supply does not take into consideration the individual's circumstances such as age, gender,and medical history; and is therefore unethical. Fluoridation is medicating people with an uncontrolled dose and can be hazardous to those who do not require it. For example, infants whose formula was made with fluoridated water are receiving a fluoride dose that is 100 times that of an infant who is breastfed. This mass medication of infants is extremely unethical. [2]

Methods[edit | edit source]

Results[edit | edit source]

There are 4 main points that this paper emphasizes as the the danger of water fluoridation

1. Water Fluoridation is unethical - Fluoride in the water can be classified as a mass medication that can't be controlled by the people consuming it.

2. Water fluoridation is unsafe - There are many diseases/illnesses that can be contracted through the over exposure to fluoridation in water. Various scientific journals as specified in the article claim that some of these ailments include could include bone disease and skeletal-fluorosis.

3. Water Fluoridation is ineffective - There is false information according to this article, that suggests in the 1970's and 1960's fluoridation has actually decreased tooth decay in Western countries.

4. Fluoride is actually endorsed by corporations for the public to believe in - Food industries have promoted fluoride as the key negation to tooth decay.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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