Controversies in Science/RNA world vs metabolism first/A Critique of Hydrothermal vents and the origin of life

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(Review Paper) Cited in RNA world vs metabolism first

The origin of life is believed to have started from CO2. There is evidence that life was able to start from the elements and proteins present in the deep sea vents. Carbon and hydrogen were also important elements in the creation of life[1] [2].

Results[edit | edit source]

There is a vent system that have carbonate chimneys that rise 60 meters above the sea floor. They have a similar composition to that of very early volcanoes, and they get extremely hot. This is named the Lost City hydrothermal field (LCHF). There has been evidence of ribosomal RNA in the venting carbonated chimneys in the LCHF. There are some microbial communities also within the vents. The bacteria that is present in the Lost City is able to synthesize it's own ATP.

References[edit | edit source]

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