Contemporary Linguistic Analysis

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Contemporary Linguistic Analysis

Project info[edit | edit source]

This project introduces you to basic linguistics, the fields of Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, Phonetics and Phonology.

This knowledge will help you understand the fundamentals of languages, a skillset you can use to learn any language you want.

Target Audience: Beginner

Requirements: None

Time investment: 10 hrs

Goals[edit | edit source]

  • Learn basic sentence structure
  • Learn basic grammar
  • Learn the sounds of the phonetic alphabet used in English
  • Learn basic contemporary semantic understanding
  • Learn multiple ways that new words are introduced into a language
  • Learn how sounds are made

Linguistic Lectures
  1. Syntax
    1. Syntax1
    2. Syntax2
  2. Semantics
    1. Semantics
  3. Morphology
    1. Morphology
  4. Phonetics
    1. Phonetics
  5. Phonology
    1. Phonology

Semantics: "The study of semantic is concerned with a broad range of phenomena, including the nature of meaning, the role of syntactic structure in the interpretation of sentences, and the effect of pragmatics on the understanding of utterances."[1]

Morphology: "Focused on the structure and formation of words in human language."[1]

Morphemes are the smallest unit of meaning. Syntax: Universal grammar


Phonetics Phonology

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