Conservation Entrepreneurship/Investing

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Information on personal investing is outside the scope of this course, but it may be worth providing references to relevant literature and other resources.

Graham, Benjamin. 1973. The Intelligent Investor. Harper Collins a pioneering classic; the definitive book on value investing; the road map followed by Warren Buffet.

Bernstein, William. 2000. The Intelligent Asset Allocator: how to build your portfolio to maximize returns and minimize risk. McGraw Hill. The most important investment decision is how you allocate assets among different investment classes (stocks, bonds, etc.).

John Bogle (founder of Vanguard)

A random walk down Wall Street.

Rubino, John. 2009. Clean Money: picking winners in the Green-Tech Boom. John Wiley & Sons. A commercial and investing perspective on emerging technologies. Very good critical analysis of what technologies are likely to break through versus those that are inherently flawed from a commercial standpoint.