Concomitant Strabismus

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Treatment of Strabismus by Georg Bartisch

In this subject students will build on concepts presented in Binocular Vision and Refraction. Students will develop an understanding of the theoretical concepts of aetiology, investigation, diagnosis and management of concominant strabismus and its sensory anomalies. Using an enquiry-based learning program, students will integrate theoretical concepts with practical instrumentation and clinical techniques to apply optical, orthoptic, medical and surgical management for concomitant horizontal deviations, amblyopia, microstrabismus and disorders of the vergence and accommodative systems in an evidence-based medical context. This subject will equip students to proceed to Incominant Strabismus and Orthoptic Clinical Practice subjects.

Intended Learning Outcomes

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Demonstrate an apporpraite use and application of discipline specific instrumentation to investigate concomitant strabismus and sensory consequences.

Integrate information obtained from a case history and the results of a clinical investigation to differentially diagnose concomitant strabismus.

Using the best available evidence, devise a management plan and explain the prognosis for a patient diagnosed with concomitant strabismus.


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The assessment for this subject is as follows:

Two 30 mininute (mid-semester) written examinations (30%)

10 minute Practical/VIVA examination (end of semester) (15%)

2 hour (end of semester) written examination (55%)

Hurdle Requirement: Both the practical examination overall and the 2 hour written examination must be passed in order to gain a pass in this subject.

Topics & Schedule

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Module 1: Clinical Investigations of Concomitant Strabismus
Module 2: Pre-operative Investigation of Strabismus
Module 3: Treatment Principles
Module 4: Convergence & Accommodation Disorders
Module 5: Exo-deviations
Module 6: Eso-deviations

Learning Management System

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Students enrolled in this subject are directed to the Concomitant Strabismus Learning Management System website.


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