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Bin2IniRAM[edit | edit source]

Bin2IniRAM is a simple VHDL code generator for SISP written in Python. It generates a VHDL entity, representing an initialised RAM, from a binary file.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Synopsis: [[-a address width][-d data width][-o outfile][-m memory interface type]] binary_inputfile

The following parameters control the execution of the program:

-a, --address_width
Controls the address width of the generated memory interface (default: 16).
-d, --data_width
Controls the data width of the generated memory interface (default: 12).
-o, --outfile
The name of the file where the generated VHDL code should be written (default: prog_mem.vhd).
-m, --memory_interface
The type of the memory interface. Can be either "single" (default) or "dual".

Download[edit | edit source]

You can download the current version of Bin2IniRAM as archive here.

Version History[edit | edit source]

0.4: 13-01-2007

  • script looks for templates in its execution path instead of cwd

0.3: 10-01-2007

  • added support for dual port memory interfaces (flag -m dual)

0.2: 20-12-2006

  • fixed bugs, created vhdl code is now syntactically correct

0.1: 19-12-2006

  • initial version