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Overview[edit | edit source]

our Design consists of two parts:

  • MatPRO
  • SimpCom for MatPro

The whole Design can be downloaded here

MatPRO[edit | edit source]

For better readability and for better understanding, we have split up the MatPRO in more sub parts:

  • Globals: Package with constants
  • IFetch: handels the IRAM and translates the program into smaller instructions
  • IDecode: handels the DRAM and the Register-File
  • ALU: as the name states, does the work


Globals[edit | edit source]

The Globals.vhd is a package that contains our constants.

IFetch[edit | edit source]

The IFetch_v2.vhd controls the program flow. It takes the instruction of a program and, if needed, translates it into more smaller instructions that our ALU understands.

IDecode[edit | edit source]

The IDecode.vhd takes the "generated" instruction from the IFetch and decides, if a value-transfer from DRAM to the Register-File or the other way around takes place. If such a value-transfer happens, it can also stall the whole CoProzessor, since we only use a dualported Register-File-RAM and no triported Register-File-RAM.

ALU[edit | edit source]

The alu.vhd simply does the maths. It takes 5 cycles until the result is valid: 3 cycles for the multiplication, 1 cycle for the addition/subtraction and 1 cycle for data normalisation.

SimpCom for MatPRO[edit | edit source]

Since we wanted to build a multi-purpose CoProzessor, we didn't implement the SimpCom direct into the MatPRO. Therefore, the SimpCom is a stand-alone Module that instantiates the MatPRO.

sc_matpro.vhd is the sourcefile for this Module.

Since the CoProcessor is connected to the JOP-Processor, another configurationfile, the scio_min_mp.vhd is needed.

Demoprogram[edit | edit source]

A demo-assembler-program can be found here

The java-file for the JOP-Processor is this one