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Community leadership is the actualization of the innate and instinctive qualities that each and every member of a community has to exert power and influence for a better future for the entire community. It is organic, coming from inside the community. And, it builds on existing leadership thus enhancing the power of all.

Community Leadership challenges traditional assumptions of positional leadership and hierarchy, creating a climate of self-sufficiency and community well being. Community leadership is “in” the community, not “of” the community.

Community leadership is inspiring, supportive, and understanding. It fertilizes the process of community engagement.

Successful community leadership is evident in the enthusiasm and support of others. It engages the community in small as well as larger settings; in board rooms and living rooms; in the street corner and the corner bakery; at city hall and at the music hall; at the fields of play and the houses of worship.

Community leaders serve their communities. Community leadership is as much about serving as it is about leading.

Community leaders model their behavior and set examples for others, encouraging participation and involvement, connecting and energizing people for constructive and positive action. They are welcoming, caring, and empathetic; always honoring and acknowledging the gifts of others.

Community leaders navigate the spectrum of power with ease and confidence, feeling equally comfortable in the halls of power and in the streets of despair. Community leadership commands respect by conveying trust.