Collaborative Learning/Team Evaluation Form

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A team evaluation form similar to the following should be completed by each team member and submitted directly to the instructor. Corresponding instructions might include:

Create a team project evaluation document similar to the following. List each member of the team, including yourself, and then rate each member's effectiveness in helping to complete this assignment, and answer the two learning questions that follow. Each team member will submit their own confidential evaluation of the team's effectiveness. The instructor will not share your ratings and comments with other team members.

Team Project Evaluation

Team Member Name 1 Name 2 Name 3
Participation (early, often) (0-2) (0-2) (0-2)
Preparation (on time, on target) (0-2) (0-2) (0-2)
Communication (effective, productive) (0-2) (0-2) (0-2)
Collaboration (all for one, one for all) (0-2) (0-2) (0-2)
Quality (academic excellence) (0-2) (0-2) (0-2)
Total (0-10) (0-10) (0-10)

What have you learned from this team experience?

How will you apply this learning to future team efforts?