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What is future compatible?

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Any assumption, philosophy or behavior that is tolerable from the perspective of a future society could be seen as future compatible. Mentoring, for instance, could be seen as very future compatible. Another sensible assumption about the future is that a vegetarian diet may prevail, but probably primarily for personal health reasons, not to protect pigs or cows, as some religions may seem to imply.


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Besides mentoring reasonable expectations about "future compatible" education are lifelong learning and general willingness to educate others in so far as it is reasonable and responsible.

The sensible point of view is that mentoring for a "future compatible" society should entail:

  • Understanding for ethics and codes of conduct.
  • Scientific knowledge at least in order to understand the more important aspects of the world around the mentee (the personal and the political sphere).
  • Becoming a responsible citizen (of voting age) or maintaining the intellectual standards required.
  • To enable the mentee to become a mentor for others himself.

Thus mentoring for the Hilbert Hotel should focus on contemporary political subjects, as the topics of he future are not known and may be too early to decide. On the other hand taking an early interest in the political questions of the future may even be a survival strategy.

Constitutional democracy

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A "future compatible" constitutional society (Rechtsstaat) may have to fulfill certain requirements. Mentoring and liquid democracy appear to be reasonable expectations. It also seems reasonable to assume that voters in a liquid democracy may have to reach certain formal qualification levels in order to be able to vote or even to act as proxys for other voters (possibly also to directly own corporate shares or to manage a company, which could be seen to entail similar responsibilities).

In contrast a society that arbitrarily "places people under disability" through misinformation and without sufficient motivation to qualify could be seen to be in violation of basic rights.

Ethical standards

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Trivially the future needs very high ethical standards. If your technology allows you to build nuclear devices (or much worse), genetic diseases and self-replicating nanobots and you are able to travel to exoplanets, which may be inhabited, then it follows that very high ethical standards are required in relation to technology assessment, use of technology, technology transfer, intercultural competence and adult education in general. Mandatory corporate social responsibility frameworks, standards and education could be seen as inevitable for a "future compatible" constitutional society.

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