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This category will normally be empty.

It collects and displays requests for undeletion. Just as certain deletion requests may be "speedy," that is, may be actioned unless controversy is expected, which controversy may be shown by removal of a speedy deletion template, this category requests undeletion of pages where a user would have removed a speedy deletion template, or later revised his or her opinion about the deletion. This is intended as a substitute for discussion on WV:Requests for Deletion#Undeletion requests, which is to be avoided for the same reason that discussion of uncontroversial deletions are to be avoided.

Responding to pages showing this category, a custodian may

  • undelete the page (all revisions or all legitimate revisions) and poke out the category by placing a colon at the beginning. This will leave the page blanked, with history accessible.
  • A custodian who believes the page is inappropriate for its namespace may move the undeleted page to the user space of the requestor. Any user viewing the (deleted) page should be able to see where it was moved.
  • delete the page request as improper (i.e., redelete the page), which should be accompanied by a reason.
  • leave it, with or without discussion with the user.

See Talk for a reason why this category should not be removed except by deletion of the page.

If there is dispute over undeletion, the user requesting undeletion may take the request to WV:RFD. If the page is undeleted, then any user may take the page to WV:RFD for consideration of deletion.

This category currently contains no pages or media.