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This category is intended for the sharing of data associated with specific projects on Wikiversity. It currently has only one subcategory, but more would be welcome. Data can refer to computer code, tabulated numerical data, or even drafts of text. This category is ideal for data that involves two entirely different resource pages, such as MATLAB and Engineering thermodynamics.

Instructions for using this category:

  1. Create the page ''[[Category:Engineering data/XXX]]'', where XXX is the name of your new project.
  2. Include your new page in this category as you would for any page (i.e. write: [[Category:Engineering data]] at the top of [[Category:Engineering data/XXX]])

The idea is that some projects create rather obscure information that must be stored, but that is meaningless to most readers. We don't want links from resources leading to these data files. But we don't want to lose track of them. So we store them as sub-categories to Category:Engineering data


Small "student" steam tables were created using a MATLAB code. The steam tables were made small so that they could be included in test questions. We need to verify that the code works properly, so several "large" steam tables were constructed. We don't want most readers to see the "large" steam tables for a number of reasons:

  1. The "large" tables will not be properly verified for quite a while (but it won't be long before the small tables are verified).
  2. We don't want people writing exam questions that require the large steam tables. If that happened, there would be chaos as instructors try to sort out which quiz questions require access two which steam tables.
  3. Large tables are already available elsewhere on the internet.


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