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From the official document:

"This unit defines the competency required to manage the selection, maintenance and siting of hardware."

Basically, that means ... (translate above into plain english)

You can read more about this unit on the National Training Information Systems Official document for ICAS3234A.

This unit is part of the following qualifications:

How this unit will help you[edit | edit source]

After learning and applying the skills required by this unit you'll be able to demonstrate your skills in:

1. Establish safe work practices
  1. Determine, record and apply relevant legal requirements and OH&S standards to the installation and maintenance of computer hardware
  2. Determine, record and apply requirements specified by hardware manufacturers
  3. Determine, record and apply safe work practices, taking into account legal and manufacturer requirements
2. Establish location requirements for hardware and peripherals
  1. Determine and apply suitable environmental conditions for hardware and peripherals
  2. Determine and apply system protection devices
  3. Determine and apply requirements when moving hardware
  4. Determine and apply suitable storage principles for hardware and associated peripherals and media
3. Establish maintenance practices
  1. Determine maintenance requirements specified by the equipment manufacturer
  2. Produce maintenance schedules, including removal of dust and grease build-up
  3. Perform diagnostic functions, including replacing suspect components with other serviceable components and reloading of associated software
  4. Determine whether unserviceable components are replaceable through warranty, replacement or upgrade
  5. Perform diagnostic functions using the operating system and third-party diagnostic tools
4. Determine appropriate hardware quality standards
  1. Consider and apply business requirements in respect of hardware matters
  2. Determine and apply quality standards to the selection of appropriate hardware and associated peripherals
  • translate the above elements and performance criteria into plain english and summarise here...

Ideas for learning the required skills[edit | edit source]


Ideas for demonstrating this unit[edit | edit source]

The best way to demonstrate these skills is ...

Notes and discrepancies[edit | edit source]

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