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Dialogue / Diviz

Un davarn e Landreger / Tréguier
Emañ Yann o vont d'ur c'hafe e Gwiseni. Gwelout a ra maouez an davarn, Laouenna he anv.

Yann ('John') goes to a pub in Gwiseni/Guissény. He sees the bar lady, Laouenna ('Joy').

  • Please read the dialogue, and try to work out the meaning of each sentence before going on to the next one. If you can't, just move on. Check the answers with the translation below.
Laouenna : Nozvezh vat, Yann !
Yann : Nozvezh vat, Laouenna. Mat an traoù ganit ?
Laouenna : Mat ar jeu, meur c'hras. Ha te ?
Yann : Mat-tre, mersi dit !
Laouenna : Petra ez emaout oc'h ober ?
Yann : Deskiñ a ran brezhoneg er Wikiversity. Ha te ?
Laouenna : Brezhoneg a zeskan ivez !
Yann : Splann ! Penaos eo da vamm ? N'eo ket-hi klañv ?
Laouenna : Emañ mat yec'hed dezhi bremañ, meur c'hras.
Laouenna : Kenavo, ha chañs vat gant ar gentel warc'hoazh!
Yann : Mersi bras.
[Yann a guita an davarn]
Yann : Noz vat deoc'h-c'hwi holl !
Pep hini : Noz vat, Yann !


Laouenna : Good evening John! [literally: "Night good, John!"]
Yann : Good evening, Laouenna. How are you? ["Night good, Laouenna. Good the things with you?"]
Laouenna : Fine, thanks. And you? ["Good the game, many blessings. And you?"]
Yann : Very well, thank you! ["Good-very, thanks to you"]
Laouenna : What are you doing? ["What are you doing?"]
Yann : I learn Breton with Wikiversity. And you? ["To learn I do Breton in Wikiversity. And you ?"]
Laouenna : I learn Breton too! ["Breton I learn too!"]
Yann : Great! How's your mother? Isn't she ill?Splann ! Penaos eo da vamm ? N'eo ket-hi klañv ? ["Splendid!How is your mother? Is not she ill?"]
Laouenna : She is fine now, thanks. ["Is good health to her now, many blessings."]
Yann : Look ! It's late! I have to go now. Goodbye! ["Look ! It's late! I have to go now. Goodbye!"]
Laouenna : Goodbye, and good luck with the lesson tomorrow! ["Goodbye, and good luck with the lesson tomorrow!"]
Yann : Many thanks. ["Thanks big"]
[Yann leaves the bar]
Yann : Good night to you all! ["Night good to you all!"]
Pep hini :Good night John! ! ["Everyone : Good night John!"]


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